step 2 personal branding : target audience

Are you the big fish in the small pond?

Or how to identify your Target Audience, your ideal client

In my last blog post “How to put lipstick on a pig” I focused on the question ‘What is Personal Branding?” and where do you start to build your Personal Brand.
What is the first step you have to take?
In order to make life, for those who wish to build their Personal Brand, a little easier, I have developed a 5 step program called Brand©. And the first step you need to take is starting with yourself.
Become aware of the real YOU! What are your strengths, talents, passions, competencies?…

We are our choices – Jean-Paul Sartre
In this blog post I would like to go deeper into the second step “Reach out to your Target Audience”.
And the first question that pops up then is “who is your Target Audience?”.
I meet a lot of
entrepreneurs who find it utmost difficult to define their Target Audience, to describe their ideal client. Not only because describing the ideal client is so difficult.

Ok, it takes some thinking and checking and thus time, but it is not that difficult.Most entrepreneurs I meet struggle with the fact that they have to choose.

“Help! I don’t want to choose, what if I choose wrong? Or what if I hate it after a while?

Or what about the other people outside my target group?…”

Trust me, I have an answer to all these objections. And one thing stays clear: You better choose your Target Audience if you want to become the go-to-person in your field.

You cannot sell your services or products to everybody! And you cannot market to everyone.

You will lose too much time and money if you do not focus your marketing/selling/branding efforts to  the right Target Audience.

“Choosing is losing” is what I often hear people say. In Personal Branding choosing is winning.

The fish
It is better to be a big fish in a small pond, than a small fish in a large pond.

Personal Branding is all about standing out, being the go-to-expert in your field. If you want your clients to seek you out instead of you chasing them, if you want to be the celebrity in a certain area, you need to start thinking about your target audience.

Aim, shoot, score
One of the biggest mistakes I see my coachees make: they try to appeal to everyone.

I compare it with basketball. You have to aim and shoot the ball in order to get it through the net andscore.

Now who’s your ideal client? Here are some of the main characteristics you ideal client should possess:

  • He/she is willing and able to pay for your services
  • They have a problem that you can solve
  • They know you can solve their problem
  • You like them
  • They value and appreciate what you offer
  • They are easy to target, limited marketing efforts
  • They can and will introduce you to new customers
  • They respect you


YOUR Target Audience
OK, now these are the general characteristics of the ideal client.

Now, who’s YOUR ideal client, who’s your target audience? There are two ways of defining your target audience:

  • The demographic profile:  Gender, Age, Income, Location, Occupation, Educational level, Kids, Marital status, Etc…


Example: Women with master’s degree between 30-40 with a full time job and kids.

  • The psychographic profile: Hopes, Fears, Likes, Dislikes, Ambitions, Motivations, Frustrations, Etc…


Example (this is my target audience): small business owners (consultants, trainers, coaches, interim managers, …) in the service industry who fear they will not be able to attract enough paying clients, and thus fear earning not enough money to support their family.

My ideal client wants to grow his/her business faster, with less effort and more fun.

I chose that target audience because I know and like these people. I know what it is to be a small business owner, I know what it is to have to look for clients and being worried to get paid for my services.

And I am pretty good at marketing, sales, networking and personal branding. I have the talents and competencies that enable me to help these entrepreneurs attract more clients and achieve business success.

My clients say they love the fact that I get them moving forward, they love my result and action approach. I can give an answer to their needs and act as a sounding board.

And that brings us to the third step in my BRAND© model: Answer your Target Audience’s needs. More about that in my next blog post.

Your first Target Audience = YOU!
And remember this: your first target audience must always be yourself because you need to believe in your brand before anyone else will.

Interested to know more about my programs?

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Ok, your turn, tell me who’s your Target Audience? And Why?

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