5 surprising answers to common questions about LinkedIn blog

5 surprising answers to common questions about LinkedIn

5 surprising answers to common questions about LinkedIn Hi there I get a lot of questions about LinkedIn. LinkedIn and ...
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Partnerships & Sponsorships: 7 tips to close the deal

Hi there, Have you ever had a mail in your inbox from an organization asking for money? And I don’t ...
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the secret strategy behind FREE (1)

What’s the secret strategy behind FREE

Hello ‘Why do you give it all away for free?’ That’s the question I often get. And especially when it ...
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SAD model

The secret behind my work-life balance.

I’ll never be sad again… Hi there How do you do all that? How do you manage it? That’s a ...
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worst customer experience

The worst client experience

Hi there Boy, I was pretty angry last week. It still surprises me how many entrepreneurs and sales people are ...
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What’s the secret to success?

That secret is called A.C.T.I.O.N. How come some people seem to be successful, Seem to achieve all their goals Seem ...
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How to get rid of silly excuses and beat procrastination

Hi there! Recently I was interviewed by Kawtar Najjar for her 'The Online Business Rebels Summit'. The goal of the ...
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power action method

The Power Action Method©

Or how to achieve your goals in 3 simple steps. Hi there I’m back – holidays are over. I’m full ...
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are you a commodity

[VIDEO] Are you a commodity?

I recently went to the Camargue located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of ...
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how to feel energized all day

[VIDEO] How to feel energized all day?

hi there! People always tell me I have a lot of energy. And that it is contagious – that I ...
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