How can you overcome your number 1 fear?

37 things you should avoid!

What’s the best way to attract clients and get paid well?

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By becoming the authority, celebrity, go-to-person in your field! Being known as THE expert so it becomes obvious that the client should turn to you when he or she is struggling with that problem you have THE solution for!

Easy, isn’t it?

Now I hear you say: “yeah all right, but how do I become that authority?”

My answer is, you can guess that one I hope, Personal Branding. In other words:

You position yourself as the expert in [your mastery] for [your target audience] and you deliver [your unique benefits] that will lead to [your promised results] and ultimately reach[your mission]. And clients should work with you because [your story].

This is a good exercise, try to fill the in the blanks between the brackets and you have your Brand Statement!

*** Great! Now what? ***

Now you have to show your authority, prove it, tell it….

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” – Benjamin Franklin

Do you know what’s the most effective way to show your authority in your field? Write a book!  Yeah, I have done that. OK OK I’ll be honest, it’s an Ebook, but I’m proud of it and you can download it via my website

So publishing is a perfect way to grow your credibility.

“All great speakers were bad speakers at first” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Another way is Public Speaking.

I found out that the biggest fear of us, humans, is public speaking. I wrote about that in my BLOG ‘she believed she could so she did’. But really it is more scary than dead, so you are better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. Huh?

Anyway, it is really important to build your brand so I have decided to make a list of the mistake a lot of presenters make, and that you should avoid. Enjoy the 37 items on the list

Memorize everything by heart

  1. Read the presentation instead of presenting
  2. Not preparing
  3. Preparing too much
  4. Speaking too fast
  5. Not making eye contact with your public
  6. Not knowing your public
  7. Using big words
  8. Not starting strong
  9. Not ending strong
  10. Ending with a Q&A
  11. Too many euh, ah, you know, eigenlijk, tu sais…
  12. Self-bragging
  13. Bashing
  14. Not being your authentic self
  15. Low energy
  16. No passion
  17. Too much data
  18. Too much slides with too many words
  19. Taking yourself too seriously
  20. Small gestures
  21. Only mind, no emotion
  22. No humor
  23. Volume not adapted
  24. Not entertaining
  25. Arriving too late
  26. Not knowing the material nor the room
  27. Apologizing
  28. Not having fun
  29. Not believing in your message
  30. Hiding behind the podium
  31. Not giving the audience an agenda
  32. Not respecting the time
  33. No stories that will be remembered
  34. Not having checked the facts
  35. Using somebody else’s stories
  36. No call to action

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”

So now that you know all about the mistakes you should avoid, you are ready to give your presentations, right? 😉

If not, and want to learn more, here is an interesting book ‘Give your speech, change the world’ by Nick Morgan,

Are you not into reading but prefer practicing and getting coached by an expert, my friend Tom Braekeleirs from is the guy you should turn to. He also wrote a fantastic book about the topic ‘Verhaal zoekt verteller’.

Now I’m curious, do you have other mistakes you’d like to add to the list ? Tell me!..

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