What great leaders do every morning…

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… so why not you?

Hi there!

Holidays are over – summer is almost gone – reasons to feel a litle sad.

But I do not want to feel sad, I have too much to live for and too much ideas and too much to do.

So if I want to realize all my dreams and ideas, it is high time I get more focused & organized.

So that’s my new resolution for the rest of 2015. More focus and organization. Live my life more purposefully. 

But how do I go about doing that? 

Well I have read a couple of books, lots of blog posts, talked to lots of people and what I found out is that the most important thing I should do, is wake up early and use my mornings more purposefully.

So that is the concrete translation of my new resolution: create my own miracle mornings.

How did I get the idea?

It was my friend Marijke Eggink who told me I should read the book by Hal Elrod. And I combined his ideas with the ideas I got from reading books and posts and watching youtube videos from Napoleon Hill, Robin Sharma, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Wayne  Dyer etc etc…

Even though significantly different, these people have a lot in common and say a lot of common things about leaders (and in my opinion everybody is a leader) and what they do every day and every morning.

Here are 11 things great leaders do every morning (according to these “gururs”):

1.     Wake up early.
2.     Eat a nutritional breakfast and drink water
3.     Prioritize their responsibilities for the day.
4..    Be grateful
6.     Practice the “Random Act of Kindness”
7.     Excercise
8.     Read books that further the learning process
9.     Meditate
10.   Visualize their dreams, purpose and goals
11.   Keep a journal

I am not saying I’m a great leader, far from that 🙂 But I do want to achieve and live my dreams, I do want to do good things and be good to others, I do want to live purposefully.

So, since a week I get up at 6.30 AM (I used to stay in bed until at least 8 AM, so for me this is a big challenge) and I:

  • eat healthy (that’s an easy one for me)
  • prioritize my day and my week
  • am greatful
  • do something nice for somebody
  • go for a walk with my dog (soon dogS) or go for a run and work out
  • read for 20 minutes
  • enjoy the morning silence and use it to be fully present
  • visualize my drems (short term or long term)
  • and keep a journal/diary

So wish me luck – this is my 66-day challenge so it will surely become a habit 🙂 

Now how about you? Are you ready to create your miracle morning and become a great leader?
What is your new resolution for the rest of the year 2015? Tell me!

4 thoughts on “What great leaders do every morning…”

  1. Haha, I’m more of an ‘eat the frog’ type. First do what you loathe the most, and you’ll feel much better the rest of the day (and it stops the procrastinating!).

    1. I completely agree (I also focus on my NUMBER 1 THING, after my Miracle Morning) – and do combine your horrible task with your important task (no use in doing horrible things that are not important haha)
      Thanks for your reaction

  2. it is worth trying, u know?

    1. hi Charles, well I do this almost every morning for about a year now – love it!

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