10 ways to stop your writer’s block

And build a client attracting blog



Blogging has turned out to be an important way for me to build my Personal Brand, and what’s more important it has turned out to be a great way to build “know-like-trust” and attract clients.

That is why I advise my nice (potential) clients to start blogging. Maybe not every week, but surely every month.

And then these nice people turn into horrified creatures who look like they want to kill me. Oops.

Sometimes I feel like running away, or saying:

 “sorry, I was just kidding, hahahahaaa!”

But I’m not – I’m dead serious.

You should start blogging. There I said it!

 Why? Read all about it in one of my previous blog posts: “How I gained 3 clients in 2 days thanks to blogging.

 “OK, but what do you write about?” is another question I get.

Well you write about the things you think your target audience will enjoy reading. And for me personally, I do not only want them to enjoy my writing, I also want them to learn something. I want to teach them things, like how to build their personal brand, how to create a signature system, how to write blogs…”

I subscribe only to blogs where I learn something or because I like the writer. I hope my audience feels the same way about my blog. As the matter of fact, I hope they learn something AND the like me. 🙂 I like to be liked. So what? I’m human ! 🙂

And who knows maybe one or two of these people will also learn to trust me and ultimately buy from me. Olé.

Now, coming back to that question – what do I write about?

Here are 10 ideas that might help you should you be faced with a writer’s block someday.


1. I write about all things related to Personal Branding, because that’s my passion and business.

2. I ask my readers and clients what keeps them awake at night

3. I listen very carefully to the questions and problems of my clients– that’s a great pool of ideas

4. I am constantly thinking “could this be a topic for a blog”, every time something happens in my life. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be a spectacular thing – I recently came across an albino duck during my early morning walk – that little guy has some kind of Personal Brand all right

albino duck

5. Sometimes I look up my keywords on keyword spy, or google blog, or other search engines to see what related topics come up – might be interesting for a next blog

6. Those who know me, know I like Austin Kleon and his book “steal like an artist”, so yes, I sometimes steal from others. Mind you, I steal, that’s not plagiarism. If you want to know the difference, read the book.

7. Borrow someone else’s brain. Beware; I don’t use the words ‘pick their brains’, because I just hate the idea of picking somebody’s brain. Sorry about that.

8. You could also try to exercise your own brain and turn it into an idea muscle like James Altucher suggests in his wonderful book (a must read) “Choose yourself”. However, I admit, I have read the book, but I’m still behind on this idea muscle thing.

9. Read a book once in a while – I love reading! Books have always turned out to be a great source of inspiration to me.

10. Interview others, like I did with Cindy Vranken or Ann Baeke a couple of weeks ago. There’s lots of interesting people out there, people who have a story to tell and can teach me and my audience a thing or two. Use them.

Honestly, it is not that difficult to find ideas, right?


So how about you? Any ideas for your or my next blog post? Let us know by filling out the comment box below !




2 thoughts on “10 ways to stop your writer’s block”

  1. Rudy Vanheygen says:

    Hi Greet, For several years already, I’m running around with an idea in my head: write a book. Not just any book, but one that’s thin, small and very impactful. Something like “The One Minute Manager”, featuring very short chapters, with strong (slightly provocative) titles, like “a manager has the people he:she deserves”. The tpics are listed, but the book isn’t written yet. Could it be a good approach to write every month one short chapter and send it ou through LinkedIn and through blogs? I’m curious for your opinion! Thank! 🙂 Rudy

    1. Sure Rudy! I’m convinced that could work! I’m thinking of doing the same thing. ONE DAY MAYBE 🙂 If you like, you can call me so we can discuss your ideas +32.478390269

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