3 stupid things I believed regarding goal setting

3 false beliefs i had regarding goal setting

I’ve been so stupid! 

What goal do you wish to achieve?
Have you written it down?
Shared with someone?

You do know that chances to reaching your goal
increase exponentially
if you write them down
and even better if you share with others

And what did I do for almost all my life?

I never dared writing my goals down
Let alone share it with others

Do you have a bucket list?
I never had.
I was afraid to have a bucket list

What a chicken I was ! 😮

But why?

3 stupid reasons:

1. If I write down my goal, I’ll have to stick to it

Euh, well yeah, that’s the purpose of a goal, right?
Thing is, I suffer from the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome
Like a lot of entrepreneurs

I like novelty
I like change
I have lots of new ideas
I like choices

Every new bright object is so exciting!

So writing down a goal would not give me the room to change….
would not be exciting
I thought.

What I know now is that if you do not have goals in business life
you’ll never gonna be successful in that business life

2. If I share my big dreams and goals people will think I’m crazy

That was another silly fear of mine.
Yeah, well maybe some people will think I’m crazy
if I claim I want to make a million euro next year

And so what if they think that?!
The hell with them (excuse my language :-))

Dare to set big goals.

It’s not because dare a small business owner that you should think small! 

Plus, chances of achieving big things when you set big goals
are exponentially higher than if you set small realistic goals

3. What if I don’t achieve my goal, will I be a loser?

That is so black and white thinking!

If I set a million euro goal
I’ll do everything that it takes to achieve that.
If I “only” make 500K I’m pretty sure I will not be called a loser.
And again, hell with people who call me a loser! 🙂

If I were to set a 100K goal and achieve that
maybe I’ll be happy to have achieved my goal
but will I feel like the big winner?
You decide 🙂

In the meanwhile I do no longer have these stupied reasons
for not writing down my goals and sharing them.

>>>  So how about you?  <<<

What’s your goal?
Tell us.
Or do you also have some kind of stupid reason not to? 😮

Enjoy your day!

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