4 secret tips I used to overcome the objections of my clients

4 real-life cases  to bypass sales objections

4 secret tips to overcome sales objections

1. Price
This is one of the most often stated objections.

We sometimes have the tendency to immediately lower our prices. However, first thing to ask is “if budget was no issue, would you work with me?”, if you have a “yes”, then you know there are no other objections. Solution then is to be creative. Instead of offering up a fast try to show the unique value of your product or service. Remember the Unique Selling Proposition in one of my previous blogposts or in my eBooks.

Another way is to show your client he/she will earn back the money almost immediately.

Case: I recently had a client of mine on the phone and he hesitated, not sure to enroll. And just before we discussed the pricing issue he had told me he earned much more money by working directly with the client compared to working via a provider. Even though providers have their added value, it is clear your fee will most probably be higher when working directly. We discovered he could earn back 250 euro per working day thanks to my program and thanks to working directly with the client. So it was quickly clear that the pricing was not really an issue.

2. “I need to check with X”
: Another client of mine stated that she needed to talk to her husband before making a decision. My first reaction was to check whether she fully believed in the program. And she did. So we needed to have the decision maker in the room, ie her husband. So I proposed to set up a joint meeting. We did not have that joint meeting, because for one reason or another she decided on the spot she’d go for it.

This said, always respect your potential client’s position and take the opportunity to talk to the decision maker. In my case, it was not necessary, but I strongly believe it can work to have that kind of joint meeting.

3. “I’m doing just fine, I’m happy with my current situation.”
This is another objection that potential clients sometimes state. The trick here is to be assertive and examine whether business is really going well.

Case: One of my clients is a HR interim manager and would really like to have more coaching assignments, but for some reason or another she is stuck in the interim management business. She was supposedly happy with her current situation because she had been a freelance interim manager for almost 10 years and almost never without an assignment, which is something most interim managers could only dream of. However, when I dug a little deeper I found out she was not at all that happy with her situation and frustrated that she was not able to position herself in the executive coaching market. And that’s where I came in… 😉

So be assertive, and dig a little…

4. “I don’t have the time”
And this is my favorite one! I do not have the time for your program, or for networking or or or…. Or something like “Contact me in a few months when I will have finished my assignment.”
You have to respect your potential client’s standpoint, but do not buy into it immediately. It is possible that you called at a bad time. However, it is crucial to know what is a better time, plus why. The why gives you information on how your service could possibly help them.

Case: Typical example in my business, “I’ll get back to you when my assignment is finished.” My first client since I started YouBrandBuilder was like that. However, the main reason of her stress was: “Will I easily find another assignment after this? Will I have to start networking all over again? Will I have to wait 4 months again? Will I be able to support my family?”…. Sounds familiar? Well this is exactly the reason why she had to start my Personal Branding program. Because thanks to my program you build your personal brand, you build your reputation along the way. You become the go to person and you will attract clients. So the chances of having a continuous flow of assignments raises significantly. She enrolled in my program. I was happy. She was happy 🙂

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