5 foolproof ways to boost your online visibility in no time

… and attract more clients then you’ve ever imagined

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If you are an entrepreneur/freelancer, you need to build relationships. You need to get in touch with people in order to find common ground and get connected. 20 years ago, networking was done face2face.

And in my humble opinion face2face networking still works best if done properly (but that’s another topic). This being said, you just cannot disregard the internet. You cannot neglect the power and importance of online visibility, online personal branding.

And there is a BONUS: 1 + 1 = 3. You triple your chances of attracting more leads and clients by spending some focused time and effort on online AND offline visibility.

So herewith the promised 5 foolproof ways to boost your online personal brand

  1. Social media

Évidemment! 🙂 I do hope there is no one among my readers who still has this crazy idea that social media is bad for your health or something 🙂  However, I do understand that you are a bit hesitant. Difficulty is choosing the right platform and using it correctly – how, what, when…. One of my most important tips is: “go where the love is” – just kidding, I mean: go where your clients hang out. And remember, your clients are also just people (forget BtoB, BtoC, it’s people-to-people). And my favorite social media platform is still LinkedIn (hence the training I just talked about)

  1. Website

Even though social media platforms are an ideal way to broaden your network, to grow your list, to share your content, to get noticed by your potential client…. what if LinkedIn, Facebook & co go bankrupt (imagine that) or change their policies (again)?… Isn’t it safer to have your own “platform” so you are in control, also with regards of content, layout, look & feel?… no Mark Zuckerberg telling you can’t give away valuable information in return for a like …  Your website is the motor of your business. Use it that way.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I’m not a SEO guru (actually I know little about it, I admit), and I’m not an SEO fan. But who amI ?! J So I did some research and I use a WordPress SEO plugin to improve SEO (I use Yoast). However that plugin alone will not improve your ranking. What will? Relevant content, descriptive titles, strong keywords, etc…  There are enough experts who can help you with that. I’m more the content kind of girl.

  1. Blog

And what better way to share content than a blog or Video blog(vlog) It is thé ideal way to share your content and build your authority. What better way to show your potential client how you can help solve his or her problem. “Show don’t tell” – don’t be a bragger or a phony – show how much value you can bring to your target audience?

  1. My 5-step Personal Brand plan called BRAND©

Some of you might ask themselves, yeah but who’s my target audience, and what is my unique solution to help them ? And how can I craft my marketing message? And what are the most important ways to deliver my message and content? Read it in my FREE eBook, which you can find on our website www.YouBrandBuilder.be and/or get in touch with me for a FREE Personal Branding Scan where we’ll discover together where you are today with regards to your Personal Brand, what your ambitions are and how we could possibly close the gap together. No strings attached. A no brainer I’d say 🙂

How about you? How do you increase your online visibility ? Let us know!

To your success!

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