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5 sources of inspiration during tough times

This is the story of my friend Jan who might lose everything….

He is an entrepreneur too.

Always very busy.

Always very focused on new clients.

Always very focused on income.


And to me it feels he is always running running running.

He gives me the impression that he is climbing a steep mountain

He wants to reach the summit

He never takes his eyes off the summit

Problem is the mountain seems to get higher and higher

And he never seems to reach that summit

And worse, he never takes the time to enjoy the view whilst climbing.


“Once I’ll have reached that summit”, he says

“I’ll be able to enjoy the view”

“Once I’ll have reached the summit, I’ll relax”

“Once I’ll have reached the summit, I’ll have time for yoga and personal development”

Today he is not inclined to ‘waste time’ on reading books that are not related to his business.

He refuses to take a step back and have a look at himself, his inner self.

All a waste of time.


I wonder…

Will he ever reach that summit?

What is that summit anyway?

Some big goal? Say earning a billion euros.

And imagine he reaches that big goal – will he be able to relax?

Will he be content?

Will he be still alive and kicking?

Will he still have a family left?

And friends?

I wonder.


“So what’s this to me?” you might ask yourself.

Well, I just want to give you 5 inspiring tips.

Tips that will enable you to enjoy the view whilst climbing the mountain

Tips that will enable you to enjoy life while working on and in your business.

Tips that will make you feel better even if you do not reach that summit.


Here we go:

  1. Read Robin Sharma’s book “The Greatness Guide
  2. Watch Brendon Burchard’s video “How to have more fun
  3. Watch Candy Chang’s Ted Talk “Before I die I want to…”
  4. Have a look at my vlog “How to have more fun and energy in life
  5. Listen to Lisa Gerrard’s Sacrifice – soooo beautiful you just HAVE to slow down and stop.



Your turn – what’s your source of inspiration?

One thought on “5 sources of inspiration during tough times”

  1. Geert Degrande says:

    Great Inspiration : all the guests of the TV-program on France 2: “La parenthèse inattendue”
    Les grandes leçons de la vie: quel que soit le problème, quelles que soient les difficultés, quel que soit le niveau de désespération, il y a toujours une solution… Il suffit d’oser changer sa voie, de faire des efforts et d’avoir confiance….”

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