6 ways to get over your fear of sales

Hi there!

Have you ever had this feeling everyone is trying to sell you stuff?

You get a phone call from a telecom operator who want you to change provider.
You attend a webinar and at the end the host tries to sell you his or her services.
Some strange people ring the doorbell and want you to “buy” the message of God.

Do you recognize this?
How does that make you feel?
Do you feel like saying : “I don’t want to be sold to”!
Or you feel like throwing the phone away so they can’t bother you?

Well, lots of people feel this way.

And that is also one of the reasons why we are “afraid” to sell our services too. 

I used to struggle with that too.
When I started my company and had to sell myself and my services, thoughts like this went through my mind:

* Are my services worth it? Am I worthwhile?
* Will people hate me?
* What if people say ‘no’?
* I’m not a sales person, let alone a good sales person.
* No way I want to be seen as a sleazy sales…

So, I avoided selling.
I focused on marketing and (personal) branding.
Which is good. It’s my passion.
It’s what I teach my clients.

With the result that potential clients contacted me.
Isn’t that great?

Yes, it is.
But a POTENTIAL client is still not a client.
So you do need to have that sales talk.

Everything changed when my good friend Cindy Vranken told me:
“It’s all in the mind” and
“I can teach you how to sell”.

And it’s true, it’s all in the mind.

Here are 6 tips to change your mindset and start loving sales
(special thanks to my friends Jane, Marianne, Marijke, Karen and Cindy for the tips):

1. Ask yourself: “What is so wonderful about my services and how will my client really benefit from it?” 
You know you have something valuable to give to your client (or at least I hope you do :-)),

so why not talk about the value you will deliver?

You are not there to push your stuff.

You have something wonderful to offer.

This is a tip from my friend Marijke.

2. Imagine how you’d feel when you have lots of clients buying your services…
How would it make you feel?

What is the benefit for yourself?

You’d gain self-esteem.

You gain more money.

You’ll be a happier mother/father, wife/husband…

“Sell it to yourself first”, says my friend Marianne.

3. Tell your personal story and how your services changed your life.
Tell your prospect what you were struggling with and how you suddenly had an epiphany which transformed your life.

And why you want to share this with your potential clients.

You want them to benefit from what you’ve learned (and what you are offering).

You want them to connect with you.

Great tip from buddy Jane!

4. Plan it.
My friend Karen helps entrepreneurs get organized.

She also helps them realize Marketing & Sales are part of your business.

Which means you need to make it part of your weekly schedule.

So schedule time in your agenda to contact your potential clients and just do it!

5. Don’t take it personally
That is my golden tip for you.

There is this saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Same goes for your services.

Some people are not ready yet for your help.

And that’s OK. Allow them the time.

Eventually they’ll come back to you when they are truly ready.

And if not. Well, that’s OK too.

Don’t take it personally.

Move on and say “next”! 🙂

6. Develop your selling skills
Selling is a skill. And you can learn it and master it.

And my friend Cindy Vranken from MegaCindy can help you with that.

She’s a wonderful sales coach & trainer!

And together with her I am organizing a free online sales training on May 19, 2016 10 AM CET

Beware it’s in Dutch – for support in English, contact me.

Join us! 









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  1. Hi Greet, these tips are so simple but effective! Looking forward to our training next week where we will give other practical tips so people can take the next step.

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