9 easy steps to pimp your LinkedIn profile…

… that will allow you to create a fantastic online network and build your Personal Brand


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The best way to attract more clients, earn more money, enjoy more freedom is….. building your Personal Brand. You already know I’m a fan of Personal Branding thus this should not be a surprise for you to read this J

Personal Branding is all about becoming the go-to person in your field and letting your target audience know that you are THE solution to their problems.

“All very well, but how do you connect with your target audience?”, I hear you say.

It’s not who you know, it’s WHO KNOWS YOU!

The answer is: networking online and offline. I’ll be writing an article on offline (ie face2face) networking soon, but let’s focus on online networking here. THE best online networking tool for entrepreneurs is still LinkedIn. You just have to have a LinkedIn profile! I still meet entrepreneurs who don’t have one, I’m sorry, this is probably personal, but I just do not get that.

Anyway, we need a LinkedIn profile. But as every 2 seconds, there is a new member on LinkedIn and there are more than 300 million users on LinkedIn (more statistics here), you immediately get it, I suppose: you have to have a PIMPED WOW profile in order to stand out.

And here are some easy actions you can immediately take to have that super-duper LinkedIn profile:

  1. Photo: you have to have a professional photo of yourself, preferably smiling. No holiday shots, no logo. A nice beautiful picture !
  2. Headline: use keyword rich headlines. Do not say “CEO of YouBrandBuilder”, but say “Personal Branding & Business Success Mentor | Entrepreneur | HR | Bus & Personal Developer | Networker | YouBrandBuilder” or another example “helps small business owners attract more clients & achieve business success via Personal Branding”…
  3. Summary: You should also make your summary keyword rich and always use the first person (I often see summaries in the 3rd person, this is not a good idea)
  4. Call to action: add a CTA – tell your visitor where he/she needs to go to, for example download my free Ebook here.
  5. Add media: for example a slideshow, a video, a brochure…
  6. Experience: use your keywords again and make it relevant to your target audience. Avoid information that is no longer useful
  7. Include recommendations and endorsements: ideally you should have people recommending you for your “keyword skills”
  8. Join relevant groups: you can join up to 50 groups. Use those groups to get connected with your target audience and join discussions
  9. BONUS: I know a lot you still need a CV to show to your potential clients. If you are a little bit lazy and you do not feel like making a CV from scratch, there is an interesting tool in LinkedIn that allows you to create a beautiful CV from your LinkedIn profile. Give it a try

And do not hesitate to take a look at my LinkedIn profile



Now it’s your turn, what important LinkedIn do’s or don’ts would you like to add?

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