A freelancer is not a leader

A freelancer is not a leader…

This, and other myths about leadership and freelancers you need to know …

Hi there!
This is a special blog post with special thanks to Peter De Groof for the inspiration and setting the right tone of this article.
He has written a great article on leadership and the myths that surround the term leadership.

And I decided to spice things up and throw in the freelance angle.

When we talk about Leadership, what are the first things that cross your mind?

  • There we go again, another talk about leadership? 🙂
  • A government leader announcing big military decisions?
  • An automotive Executive stepping down after his company committed fraud?
  • The President of the European Commission expressing his views on the refugees crisis?


It’s remarkable how we naturally associate leadership with power, with people management, with big titles, with exceptional people.

Well, that’s a shame – it is our opinion that:

Everybody is a leader! Or at least, everybody can be!
Yes that mean you too, dear freelancer!


Leadership is not about titles or positions


In our opinion, leadership is an attitude.

Are you ready to inspire people? Are you ready to have a positive impact on others? Are you ready to take ownership? Are you ready to take responsibility? Are you ready to be a leader? Do you have the attitude? Do you have what it takes?

If you want to attract clients, if you want to enjoy freedom, if you want to live your (business) dream… the best thing to do is to become visible, to build your Personal Brand and to become a visible leader. Freelancers and entrepreneurs can make a positive impact.

How can you make a positive impact?
Who do you serve? How will you wow your client? How will you under-sell and over-deliver? How will you show leadership in your everyday assignment with your client? In your business? Think about. And start acting like a leader. A visible one. If you dare 🙂 

I meet a lot of freelancers who prefer complaining …
… about the economy, about the interim management agencies, about the fees dropping, about the clients being too picky when it comes to finding the right solution for their problem…

But complaining is an easy way of not taking responsibility, you know…

Surely, you’re not like those freelancers, are you?! 🙂 So are you ready to take responsibility? Are you ready to show leadership? Are you ready to stick your neck out? Are you ready to be visible?

Did you know that every single moment, 24/7, we can choose what to do.  We are free, our life is only 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we respond to it.  Are you ready to respond and take action instead of playing the victim?

And what’s the problem really? Why are so many people afraid of becoming a visible leader, a visible freelancer? A visible entrepreneur?

I hear things like:

  • It’s not worth it
  • What will people say?
  • It won’t make a difference for the people I work for
  • I won’t be taken seriously
  • There’s no budget nor time
  • I’ve already hit the wall once…
  • I’ve seen what happens to people who have tried to stick their necks out
  • …
And my question is, so what?


Are these excuses absolutely 100% valid excuses?

You can have an impact. Remember the mosquito quote:


And I like to add John Quincy Adams’s quote:


So please, dear freelancer, dear entrepreneur, go ahead!

Whatever your role or title, if you can inspire others (eg your clients) to become better, you’re a true leader.

And even though I believe you should be visible as a leader, as a freelancer, it is not about being a show-off and a bragger. It’s about showing how you can help solve your client’s problems. Show, don’t tell.  And in order to be able to do that, you truly have to try to understand your client.

Personal Branding is about them, you know. Your clients. Not you.

So get out there! Show some strength and live your dream, grow that business, build that personal brand of yours.

And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I have helped hundreds of freelancers and entrepreneurs (and intrapreneurs) become more visible, show leadership, build their businesses and personal brands.

Why not you?
I’m here to help. Show some leadership and contact me! If you dare! 🙂

Your Turn:
What will you do today to show your leadership? 

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