Are you afraid to tell or think about what you want to earn this year? 

Get over it! And go for it! 🙂


Hi there

A new year, new resolutions, new goals, new plans…. ahhh

One of the typical questions I ask my clients is: What do you want to earn next year? 
It’s a simple question, and an important one, because how can you really focus and measure your branding efforts if you do not have a financial target. 

However, for most of my clients, it is a difficult question to ask.

I get answers like:

  • I don’t have a clue, I don’t even know what I earned last year (me: really?)
  • Oh, but I’m not in it for the money, I’m here to help people (me: what good will it do to people if you are so broke you have to stop your business and can no longer help them?)
  • I don’t like to think about money, makes me feel greedy or something (me: money is not a bad thing you know)
  • I’m afraid to tell, because what if I don’t achieve it (and me saying: yeah and what if you do?)

So what excuse do you have?

I’m sure a lot of people want to earn good money, want to be “rich” (whatever that may mean to you). However a lot of my clients are afraid to say that out loud.

Apparently these people suffer from a negative money mindset.

You too? Answer these questions:

  • Rich people are…
  • When I have money, I usually …
  • For my parents, money was: …
  • Money makes people…
  • In order to have more money, I need to…
  • If I had more money, I am afraid I would…
  • Money is…

What other beliefs do you have about money?

Positive or negative ones?

For those with negative beliefs, read on. For those with positive one, read on too, you might learn something 🙂

Here is an excercise to turn your negative money mindset into a positive money mindset *:

  1. What are your special talents, skills, competencies?
  2. If I would really love the idea of being rich, then I would let go of the idea that…
  3. Instead I would think…
  4. And then I would feel…
  5. And I would help others to…
  6. If Iwould really love the idea that earning a lot of money is possible for me and is totally OK, then I would stop … 
  7. If Iwould really love the idea that earning a lot of money is possible for me and is totally OK, then I would focus on  … 

Imagine what you could do with more money…..

  • buy more things
  • people you could help
  • support charity organizations
  • experiences with your family and friends
  • place you want to go to
  • changes you wish to realize re your ideal home, garden, …
  • seminars you want to attend
  • other things that are important to you

So stop this negative and start earning a lot of money 🙂 

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