are you an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur or a wantrepreneur?

Hi there

I was a little surprised

To find out so many entrepreneurs/freelancers I know

Are afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Let me explain…


You probably know what one of the main success factors of entrepreneurs is…

It’s being able to step out the comfort zone.

“Life begins where your comfort zone ends”

That’s the famous saying.

I strongly believe it is important to step out of your comfort zone

Once in a while

And the is surely the case if you are an entrepreneur.

Now, you shouldn’t exaggerate

Stepping out of your comfort zone 100% of the time

Will lead to burnout

I think.


Anyway, as I said in the beginning:

I was a little surprised


Together with fellow-entrepreneur Karina Urbina

I’m organizing a 2 day training

for FREE

You only have to pay for the catering.

2 days of inspiration…

Tips and tricks…

Sharing experience and knowledge…

With likeminded entrepreneurs…

All about boosting our businesses

And it costs you almost nothing.

How great is that?!

That’s what Karina and I think 🙂

And a lot of other entrepreneurs.


But then we get the question:

“Where will it take place?”

I kind of understand the question.

People are probably curious

“But curiosity killed the cat”


No seriously,

We got remarks like:

“It better not be in Brussels”

“I love the idea but if it is in the Antwerp region I’m not coming”

“I come from West-Vlaanderen, I’m not going further than Ghent”


Come on!

Are you serious?

Are you an entrepreneur?

Or a wantrepreneur?

Two days of training & inspiration

About growing your business

For free

And you love the concept

But you say ‘no’ because it is not in Ghent?

Honestly, I can only understand this kind of reaction if you hate the idea of this event

Or hate Karina and/or me 🙂


But if you like the idea… come one!


Yeah! Come on!

I understand that not everybody feels like taking the plane to Tenerife

To attend a training

That cost a loooooot of money

(that’s what Karina and I did, by the way)

I understand not everybody goes to Orlando

To attend an HR Conference

(that is what I did)


But hey

How on earth do you want to grow your business

If stepping into your car and driving for an hour

To a free content rich event

Is too difficult?


In my opinion

That’s not being able to step out of your comfort zone


But that’s just me

And maybe I’m just being narrow-minded

So help me out…

What’s your reason for not attending the event?


Thanks for your input!


See you in at the event 🙂

In that secret place in Vlaanderen 🙂

Big hug

PS: if you think one of your friends/colleagues/business partners could benefit from this free 2day training (Dutch) – SHARE! Merci!



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