Are you an entrepreneur

… or a wantrepreneur?


I love it, the term wantrepreneur! I don’t mean that I love being one, I just love the idea that someone came up with that name.
What is it? Well, a wantrepreneur is a person who thinks about being an entrepreneur or starting a business but never gets started.

How about you? Are you one? Hope not! Sure not! 🙂


But what’s the difference?

1. Action

You have certainly met those people with great ideas, but never seem to take action on it. Lots of reasons why they postpone or why they are not able to move forward. Procrastination it is called. They think their idea is not good enough or they worry about the capital, they fear failure, they lack self-confidence…. The entrepreneur is not afraid of a (calculated) risk. Anyway the wantrepreneur stays in the wanting and waiting zone. The entrepreneur takes action.
Me, personally, I love to take action. It’s probably one of my strengths, (maybe my weakness too, who knows ;-)). And I love to create conditions which encourage action, self-starting and independent initiative. And apparently my clients like it. isn’t that great! woohoo 🙂

2. Perseverance

I admit: for somebody who suffers from the “bright shiny object syndrome” or BSOS, meaning I am interested in a lot of things and I sometimes have difficulties finishing them, being perseverant is a tough one. However if you want to be a succesful entrepreneur you cannot give up after you launched your idea and nobody likes it. A dedicated person, who’s willing to give up everything for his or her dream. Now that is perseverance. A wantrepreneur is constantly starting new ideas only to move on to the next one as soon as it gets hard.

3. Passion for your product or service

A real entrepreneur is passionate about his or her product or service. A real entrepreneur strongly believes that what he/she is “building”, is really something that people need and want. So the passion is a must! BUT beware, if you want to be succesful you need something that people really want to pay for and really need and want. And that doesn’t need to be a crazy revolutionary novel idea. It’s very expensive to try to educate the market. How about improving what already exists ? Anyway, a lot of wantrepreneurs are in it for the money, they hope to become the next overnight success girl or guy and makes lot’s of money. They are mainly attracted to the “star-status”. They miss the passion and authenticity.

4. Pareto’s 80-20 rule

Real succesful entrepreneurs do not suffer from perfectionism. Most wantrepreneurs do, that’s why they never make it to the action phase. I meet a lot of people who really have difficulties launching something when it is not 100% perfect. Remember, 100% perfect does not even exist!
My website is not 100% perfect, my blogs are not 100% perfect, I certainly am not 100% perfect. But hey, we have to keep going and I want to help those other entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs move forward and create succesful businesses. How can I help all those wonderful people if I’m wasting time on making 100% perfect business cards or throw 100% perfect parties (well, I did spend (not waste) time on throwing my YouBrandBuilder launch party a couple of weeks ago. And it was only 95% perfect :-))

5. (Personal) Branding

Hey what did you expect. Surely, I have to drop  you a line or two on Personal Branding 🙂 But honestly, the wantrepreneur often does not want to spend time and money on (Personal) Branding. Your best asset is you and your mastery, the next asset is being able to promote yourself and your services. The wantrepreneur stops at the mastery. The entrepreneur invests in (Personal) Branding.

So? What’s your result? Wantrepreneur or entrepreneur? Tell me ..

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