Bob Dylan Nobel Prize

Can Personal Branding help you win the Nobel Prize?

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Robert Zimmerman – aka Bob Dylan– you love him or you hate him.

I’m not the biggest fan of his music.

Maybe I’m just too young, or too stupid, or I don’t have a good taste in music.

I leave that up to you 🙂

Fact is that he has always had a lot of fans.

And haters.


You’ll always have that.

The more visible you are.

The more people have an opinion about you.

Positive or negative.

Have to live with that.

Standing out from the crowd is good for business.

But has its downsizes too.

Anyway, the fact that Mr. Zimmerman got the Nobel prize in literature also caused a lot of commotion.

I’m not surprised.

He’s always been a little controversial.

Being controversial is good for business.

But has its downsizes too.


Dylan, singer, poet, (visual) artist, has done many different things in his life.

Some might say: “he’s just an opportunist”.

Or you could say: “he is the ultimate example of flexibility”

Flexibility will become one of the most precious assets of individuals and organizations in this ever-changing world.

I already said it hundreds of times ;

you need to use Personal Branding in order to position yourself in the market, whether you are a freelancer/entrepreneur, or an employee.

Lots of marketing gurus claim you have to choose a very small niche in order to survive and build your personal brand.


I do not fully agree.


Indeed, you’ll never become the go-to-person in your field if you don’t have a field.

However, beware of rigidity.

Flexibility is king.


And Dylan is the living proof of that.

He’s shown that you can be very successful if you are able to use your talents and skills in a flexible way.

Look at all the songs he’s written. So different. Folk. Rock. Energy. Sadness. Blues. Country….

All this whilst staying true to himself. Authentic.


And that is what Personal Branding is about.


So thank you Bob!

(and thank you Geert Degrande for the inspiration)

>>> Your turn: what’s your secret to winning the nobel prize? 🙂 <<<

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