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Partnerships & Sponsorships: 7 tips to close the deal

Hi there,

Have you ever had a mail in your inbox from an organization asking for money?

And I don’t mean these crazy mails from some guy who won the lottery.

Or a girl who’s totally in love with you and wants money for her plane ticket…


I received a mail from a Chambre of Commerce like organization.

They are looking for sponsors for their new year’s event.


The mail said something like:

Dear entrepreneur,

We hope to get your support this year.

Please find the sponsor contract attached.

Best regards…


I don’t know about you, but I did not feel like becoming a sponsor.

The question that popped into my mind was:

What’s in it for me?


And that, my dear reader, is the question you should always ask yourself.


What’s in it for the customer?


Or for the sponsor in this case.


Anyway, I was curious to find out, so I opened the attachment.

I got a long explanation of the organization.

Then about the events they had organized the previous years

Then about the keynote speakers they invited the previous years.

No clue who they will invite this year…

And finally the different sponsor deals.


The whole document is “interesting” I’ll just focus on 3 things that caught my eye…

  • If you become a sponsor you’ll get sufficient media coverage and visibility
  • You will also get a couple of free admission tickets (number to be discussed)
  • Please fax your signed copy to …. (is this the 21st century?)


What can we learn about this?


7 tips to attract great sponsors & partners:

  1. Build Know-Like-Trust

If the sponsor does not know you and your organization at all, he will not be eager to give you money. That’s obvious, right? Apparently not.

Remember the rule of 7: a prospect needs to see, hear, or otherwise be exposed to a message at least seven times before they respond in some way, shape or form.

The same with sponsors.


  1. Identify the “WIIFM” – What’s in it for me (for the sponsor).

Start your sponsorship proposal with this. Why should I give you money? Honestly. Your offer should be remarkable. A no-brainer. Focus on the benefits and outcomes for the sponsor.


  1. Don’t ask people to “donate”

Instead ask them to “join”, “build”, “attract”, … People love to be part of something, of a community. Make use of that.


  1. Get specific by laying out different sponsor deals

And listing exactly what each sponsor deal includes. The more your audience knows, the more comfortable they’ll be with sponsoring you.


  1. Add social proof

Show them who are the other sponsors. And how many they have donated. (if you have permission to do so).


  1. Customize where possible

Whenever possible, have an appointment with your possible sponsor. Listen to them. What are their ambitions? What are the challenges they are facing. Can you help in any way? And customize your sponsor proposal appropriately.


  1. Follow-up

After you have sent your customized remarkable sponsorship proposal… follow up. It is said that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact. Same is true for sponsorship deals.


sales statistics follow up with your customers


Your turn – what’s your golden tip with regards to sponsorship/partnership deals?



The art of terrible networking

Hi there

Last week I was at a networking event.

Big event with a lot of HR people.

I always love to get back in touch with old acquaintances

And getting to know new people.

I strongly believe that face2face networking works.

If you want to grow your business or career

Getting some help from your network is a huge plus.

So networking is fun and rewarding

For some.

If you do it the right way.

Lots of people are miserable networkers.

Not only because they are afraid

Or don’t know how to start the conversation


But also because some do it all wrong.

Last week I was introduced to somebody.

A pretty well-known trainer.

Gives sales and communication training.


You wouldn’t say.

He’s the kind of guy why people hate networking events.

He asked me about my job…

And after hearing the response, he said “interesting…”

His body language said:

“I am not interested in you, you are not part of my target audience”

Personally, I don’t mind (anymore).

So what he is not interested in me.

Won’t lose any sleep over it.

However; he did give me some content for a new blog post.

How about writing an article on networking skills.

Or rather… let’s call it networking attitudes

So thank you John (let’s call him John) for giving me inspiration …

by not not showing these attitudes 🙂

Herewith 5 attitudes you should have as a networker.

All starting with an A – how great is that ?! 🙂

5 networking attitudes

Be Authentic

Please, do not be fake – if someone does not interest you, have the balls to end the conversation in a diplomatic way.

Be Attentive

Be in the moment, listen to people. Don’t look over their shoulders to find someone more interesting. Show empathy.

Be an Aid

Always be ready to help someone solve ‘their problems’ by opening your network or by finding another solution, be a giving person – hey, you never know, this person might actually turn out to be a future client.

Be Assertive

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a total stranger. That is what networking is all about, anywy. And you know what, if you pick that lone wolf in the corner and start talking to him, you’ll save that person’s life and hey, maybe you’ll have a friend for life 🙂

Be Action oriented

People will forget about you if you do not follow up. That’s just the way it is. Can’t blame them.

And even if they have not forgotten about you, does not mean they are ready to do business with you. They still have to get to know you and trust you. That is why follow-up is so important.

So do it. And do it quickly (within 48h).

Good luck with your next network.

Now your turn.

What advice would you give to networkers?


don't miss this

PS: for all the Dutch speaking entrepreneurs reading this….. join our 2 day live training Business Boost Event – a great opportunity to try your new networking attitudes with likeminded entrepreneurs and to learn everything you need to know to grow your business to the next level. All this for (almost) FREE.


4 concrete steps to build your online Personal Brand


How are you?

Last weeks I gave a couple of online trainings (webinars).

And I am organizing more of them.

The great thing about Webinars is that you can reach a lot of people

All over the world.

That is pretty exciting.

It allows you to share your message

And valuable content

with far more people than you could in a “normal live” seminar

More people can benefit from your ideas and tips

And it increases your online visibility

Nothing but good news.

Well, as long as Mr. Murphy is not in the house to play with technology 🙂

Anyway, how visible are you online?

How’s your online Personal Brand doing?

Here are 4 concrete steps to increase your online visibility in a solid way

And if you are wondering why you should do that…

It will enable you to stand out from the competition

Attract more clients

So you’ll enjoy (financial) freedom


The 4 steps:

1. The list:

Building your Personal Brand means building a solid reputation,

Becoming the go-to-person in your field.

This means that people have to know about you

Like you, and trust you to do business with you

And/or become your ambassador.

People will not all of a sudden trust you.

You have to build a relationship with your community.

And that is what the list is about.

The list is a list of people who are interested in what you do,

Your target audience, your ideal client,

And with whom you start having a conversation (via Email)

About their problems and your solutions

In order to build that relationship we just talked about

And build that solid reputation …

You might think that having a large number of connections on LinkedIn is that list.

Well, it’s not the official/legal way of building a list. That’s one thing.

Two, if LinkedIn shuts down permanently, you have lost your connections.

Three, your LinkedIn community has not given you their formal OK to have that

conversation with them.

So you better do it the official/legal way.

My suggestion is that you start by selecting an email marketing service.

Today, I use Mailchimp – there is a free version to start with and is user friendly.


2. The irresistible Opt-in offer:

You might be thinking: “How do I get this people on my list officially?”

There are basic legal requirements for sending out email marketing messages you need to be aware of, hence my note about doing it the official/legal way.

The EU Opt-in Directive stipulates that direct marketing email messages may be sent only to recipients who have given their prior consent (opt-in).

Same thing in the US.

So you need an opt-in. They have to say “yes, start sending me mails”.

Well actually, that is not what they will be saying.

It will be more like “Give me that free stuff you’re offering and I’ll give you my email address.”

This means you have to have something really great to offer.

And that is where the opt-in offer comes in.

Irresistible = so valuable for your target audience that they cannot resist 🙂


  • An ‘fat’ eBook (not a light 5 page eBook)
  • A video series
  • A physical book
  • A sample
  • A challenge
  • A quiz
  • A cheat sheet

Oh, and you give it away for free!


3. Your online distribution channels:

“Yeah – all very nice, but how will people see my opt-in offer?”

Good question.

Here are some ideas:

  • In the summary of your LinkedIn profile
  • In the banner of your Facebook page
  • And other social media channels you use
  • In the signature of your emails
  • On your website, évidemment!
  • Add it to your proposals
  • And invoices
  • How about your business card (that’s not online, I know)…


4. Your super-duper content:

“OK, I’m starting to attract people to my list, what’s next?”

As I’ve already mentioned it is important that you start a conversation

In order for people to know-like-trust you

“Conversation? About what?”

About “problems” and your “solution”.

In a way that is not salezy.

And that doesn’t transform you into a bragger.

Make it human, authentic, personal

And extremely valuable

For your target audience.


Here are some ideas:

  • Blog
  • Video Blog
  • Podcast
  • Webinars
  • Tests and quizzes

You are probably asking yourself things like:

“Do I have to blog every week?” No, you don’t

“Does it have to be my content all the time?” No, it doesn’t

“Does it take time and effort?” Yes, it does. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your Personal Brand be. But there is an efficient way of approaching this.

“Is it worth it?” Yes it is. At least, if you want to stand out from the competition, get noticed by your potential clients and enjoy (financial) freedom.


And I can help you with that.

Every decent sporter has a coach – are you a decent entrepreneur?

Let me help you.



I just launched my Brand New YouBrand Journey

a 6 month program where I’ll teach you how to build your (online) Personal Brand and…

Get noticed, attract clients, enjoy (financial) freedom!

In other words:

  • I’ll teach you how:To build a list
  • Via Mailchimp
  • To create an irresistible opt-in offer
  • To pimp your LinkedIn profile
  • And Facebook page
  • To start to blog
  • And use video
  • To share your content via webinars
  • And have an attractive website
  • To grow your network online and offline
  • And much, much more …


>>> Join us before December 15, 2016 <<<

  • and enjoy: Super-duper discount
  • 3 Fantastic bonuses
  • A hug from me (well, maybe that’s not an irresistible offer :-))

>>> Sign up now <<<

Questions, doubts, remarks – contact me!


Big hug



PS: if you think one of your friends/colleagues/business partners could benefit from this free program- SHARE! Merci!

How to wow your audience with your story – 4 steps

Hi there

Yesterday I was at a networking event and the lady who gave the keynote (Nathalie Arteel) was talking about the book that she’s written. (a must-read by the way – very inspiring for entrepreneurs like you and me).

And she was talking about her son.

He told her at breakfast: “I know what I want to do when I grow up”.

“Really, tell me..” she said to her son, Tim.

“Well, I’d like to be an inventor.” (I believe he wanted to make flying shoes so older people can ‘go’ faster)

Anyway, she was proud to see a future entrepreneur in this kid.

And I was thinking… imagine I meet this kid in 15 years at a networking event…

What will he say when I ask him about his business?…

First, I hope he hasn’t given up on his dream

Second, I hope he does not say something like “I’m selling shoes” (especially not if he was able to produce these flying shoes :-))

It would be such a shame if he would not be able to talk enthusiastically about how he helps these older people move faster thanks to his invention.

Brings me to the article I wrote last week. On what a terrible impression people can make when they have to talk about their job.

And that is a shame.

It’s even more a shame if you are an entrepreneur / freelancer and you can’t come up with a decent answer when people ask ‘what business are you in?’

I have discovered a couple of mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs make when it comes to their message:

  • It’s boring
  • It’s too long
  • It’s not relevant
  • It’s too short
  • There is a lack of passion and enthusiasm
  • Nothing spontaneous about it
  • It’s too formal
  • etc etc…

Image you would share your message and people would really listen…

and they would want to know more about you…

and about your business…

how great woud that be?!

I have discovered that it doesn’t have to be that difficult to share a compelling story.

All you need is 7 steps.

In this short video I’ll give you a sneak preview of 4 steps +concrete examples.

Want to know the full 7 steps?

Register to our FREE online training here!

See you soon!

Greet Bunnens

YOUR TURN: what business are you in? Tell us 🙂

How to craft your marketing message – 3 tips

last weekend I went to a BBQ where I almost knew nodody.

Ever been at those kinds of occasions?

I was so lucky as to being invited to a family day in the zoo.

With my husband’s colleagues and spouses and kids.

I couldn’t bring my family, because dogs were not allowed..

You get the picture.

To be completely honest, It’s not my favorite way of spending my Saturday.

Even though my husband has great colleagues.

And the pandas were lovely

Or did you guess that already? 🙂

Anyway, I’m a curious person.

I’m interested in people

and what they do…

So I asked one of the spouses … “what is it that you do?”

And she just gave me terrible feedback on how she makes a living…

“I’m into sales” she said with a soft low-energy bored voice,

looking away and giving me (willingly or not) the sign:

“stop asking questions about my job, it is hell, life is hell.”


What a pitty

I’ll never know what she sells…

… not all that much, I’d say 😮

oops oops I’m being blunt again – sorry

No honestly, I feel sad when I see somebody talking about her career in this way. Nobody should spend most time of the day in a lousy unfulfilling job. We can all achieve greatness if we want to.

Now back to that encounter, it brings me to my short video on how to respond to the question:

“What is it that you do?”

I’ll give you 3 quick tips on how to make a good everlasting impression

and who knows…

create an everlasting connection with a potential client or huge influencer

So hurry up and watch the video here.

In short:

  1. It’s not about you
  2. show passion and energy
  3. ask a great question

Want me to help you with that?

For those who want help from me and a small group of likeminded entrepreneurs

crafting your marketing message

and telling your story in a compelling way

so that people will listen to you

get inspired

and potentially buy from you

whether you speak Nederlands, ou le Français or English

I’ll help you to craft your message step by step 

and bring it with confidence


and online

How? just call me +32 478 39 02 69  and we’ll fix a meeting



3 ways to increase your influence and impact

The secret of the mental triggers

Were you ever in a situation where you hoped you could persuade someone to do something?

Maybe, with a prospect and you are praying he chooses you over the competition?

Or maybe you’d love to become a keynote speaker at a certain event and you’d like to convince the event organizer to book you.

Or you’d like to get connected with sir Richard Branson and you know your neighbor knows him personally, so you’d like your neighbor to get you in contact with Richard? 🙂

Or maybe, you just want your kids to be nice and quiet in the car when you’re returning home after a well-deserved holiday.

Everything has to do with influencing skills.

I could talk for hours or write a whole book on influencing.

However I’d like to focus on the mental triggers.

I discovered the concept of the mental triggers when reading Jeff Walker’s book “Launch”.

He says: “Mental triggers are those things that directly influence how we act and how we make decisions”

They’re incredibly powerful, and they act on a subconscious level.

I will not cover all of the mental triggers he discusses in the book or in this video.

I’ll just focus on 3 of them and give you some ideas on how you can use these while building your Personal Brand.


increase impact thanks to authority in personal branding

People tend to follow others in positions of authority.

Think about policemen in their uniform.

Or when you were a child, you believed everything your teacher was telling you.

When you build your Personal Brand, you are building your reputation and becoming an authority.

That’s the idea.

That’s also how you will stand out from the competition,

why your prospect will want to work with you and

how you can ask higher fees for your services…

Now how do you go about it? First of all, read my Personal Branding eBook that you can download for free on our website:

And if you do not feel like reading the book, here are some tips: share your valuable content with your target audience via LinkedIn, a blog, a video, public speaking, a book, an eBook…



giving attitude is crucial in Personal Branding

I discovered that concept when reading Robert Cialdini’s book Influence.

Reciprocity is the idea that if someone gives something to us, we will feel some obligation to give them something back in return.

In my seminars and programs I often refer to “Give and you shall receive”.

Personal Branding is all about becoming the go-to-person in your field.

This means you need to build a network of prospects, clients, fans, influencers, ambassadors.

One of the best ways to build your network is by introducing people to other people.

That is a “giving attitude” and the law of reciprocity will see to it that people will be more generous in sharing their network with you too.



increase your likeability if you want to build your personal brand and be more influencial

What would you choose: attending a sales training with somebody you like or with some stranger.

Considering the fact both trainings are of the same quality, we choose the likeable trainer.

We enjoy doing business with people we know, like and trust.

And Personal Branding is about increasing the “know-like-trust” factor.


One, by doing likeable things – being kind, generous, gracious.

Two, by being authentic and humanizing your branding & marketing.

People do not like to do business with a faceless person.


Your turn, please share with us what mental trigger you will focus on today and how you hope it will help you improve your impact.

Hi there, are you ready to S.H.I.N.E. ?

Hi there!

Oh no!

I recently received a mail from a person who gave me negative feedback on my business, brand and me being out there. I shot a video with my reaction to that: How to react to hate-mail.

And THANK YOU for all the positive reactions I received after I shared my video. I think I never got more reactions. Again, thank you.

There was also this wonderful lady, Hilde, HR Manager who told me ‘I have a friend who was also suspicious of you because of your so visible, and active online and offline. But no worries, I told her what a caring and giving person you are, so she changed her mind about you.’

What a great reaction ! Thanks, Hilde!

But that made me realize there are still lots of people out there who are afraid to be visible, and/or dislike people who are visible.

Thing is they are afraid. They fear visibility.  Continue reading Hi there, are you ready to S.H.I.N.E. ?

[VIDEO] 5 pitfalls to avoid when starting your business

Hi there

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to “star” on an episode of 
They wanted my views on starting a business.
I immediately said YES!
Another stretch – another challenge in my entrepreneurial career.
Life begins where your confort zone ends, right? Pfew! 🙂

Are you thinking of starting  your own business and you want to avoid the typical pitfalls?
Or you have already started one and still you want to avoid these pitfalls? Continue reading [VIDEO] 5 pitfalls to avoid when starting your business

VIDEO BLOG: the 8 fundamentals of Personal Branding

Hi there!

Last week I had the pleasure to spend two days with one of my clients and great artist: Axelle Vanquaillie. And with a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We are are all eager to use our creative “talents” more often in our professional life.

We had the privilege to learn the doodling skills from Axelle and the story telling secrets from Lily Martens.

Being an enthusiastic student, I immediately put what I’ve learned in practice and here is the result of my first doodle. It is also your handout for the video below. Promise me you won’t laugh, I’m still a student 🙂 Pretty scary to share this with you, you know! 🙂

8 fundamentals

In this video I’ll teach you the 8 fundamentals of Personal Branding. 8 steps actually.

And to give you an aid to remember these 8 steps, I made a word(my signature system):

Y: You – it starts with you
O: Overcome your doubts and fears
U: Understand your niche
B: Blend your income streams
R: Realize your marketing message
A: Achieve your online presence
N: Nail your offline authority
D: Drive sales

Discover these steps and more in this video!


And if you like, please do tell a friend.

Many thanks!


Why you shouldn’t waste time on Online Personal Branding…

Why you shouldn’t waste time on Online Personal Branding…

or should I say, not ALL your precious time?…


Hi there!

I don’t know how about you, but you see them everywhere: the online challenges, the online webinars, the videos.

Social media is everywhere.

Blog, tweet, sell yourself online to death.

Yell as loudly and as frequently as possible online.

Because if you don’t, you don’t matter.


Continue reading Why you shouldn’t waste time on Online Personal Branding…