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5 surprising answers to common questions about LinkedIn

5 surprising answers to common questions about LinkedIn


Hi there

I get a lot of questions about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn and I, we go way back.

We have a bit of a love/hate thing going on.

Thanks to LinkedIn I was able to grow my network and my businesses pretty fast.

But LinkedIn made some strange decisions and changes lately.

Don’t always like these changes.

And I’m not the only one.


Anyway, a lot of people are aware that I know a thing or two about LinkedIn.

So they ask me many questions about it.

And sometimes I have surprising answers.

Answers that even surprise me (well, that would surprise the older me).


Let’s cover 5 of the common questions I often get and my answers.

Feel free to react if you agree or disagree.

>>> And obviously, feel free to share with whomever it may concern.


  1. Should I connect with people I don’t know?

My answer – yes, you could. Even though LinkedIn mentions you should not connect with people you don’t know, LinkedIn is the best social platform to grow your professional network online and offline. I’m convinced it is a huge mistake to say no to all those interesting people and opportunities. This being said, you should not connect with everyone who sends you an invitation either. There are fake profiles out there, there are people who want to connect for the wrong reasons, etc….

My approach: What’s their profession? Are our professional ambitions aligned? Do we have at least 10 common connections? Where are they located? Do they have a profile photo (not a logo or worse, nothing)?

You should ask yourself the same questions before sending an invitation. And when you do send an invitation, please add a small intro text explaining to them why we should connect.

I used to make a big deal of people sending me an invite without that intro text. However, as 99.9% is too lazy to add this intro, I stopped being irritated by it.

Again, you can immediately make a good impression if you add that little intro text.


  1. Should I hide my network from other people?

LinkedIn gives you the possibility to hide your network from others, by asking you ‘who can see your connections’

There are 2 possibilities: only you or your connections.

This means that when you choose ‘only you’, others will only see the connections they have in common with you.


how to hide your linkedin connections
how to hide your LinkedIn connections


I strongly believe in an open network and in the giving, connecting approach.


I think it is silly and narrow-minded and so 20th century to hide your network from others.


And if you are afraid your competitors will benefit from that, well, then don’t connect with them in the first place.  I hope you don’t mind me being blunt here.

Hiding your network is so narrow minded
Hiding your network is so narrow-minded


  1. Should I write an article or share a post?

Not so long ago LinkedIn introduced “Publish a post” (which is called “Write an article” now). The idea was to create some kind of blog site on LinkedIn. Good thing was that your network was notified when you published a post.

I loved this, and I used to advise all my (blogging) clients to use this platform.

However, a little while later LinkedIn inserted an algorithm which meant that only about 2-5% of your network is notified when you publish.

This is a pity.

So even though I still use “write an article” I am more and more in favor of sharing a post (instead of writing an article) because I have noticed that I get much more views. Beware, the views don’t tell you everything either. It’s not very reliable. Better concentrate on the number of likes and shares if you want to measure something on LinkedIn.


how to post an article on linkedin
how to post an article on LinkedIn


  1. Should I mention “looking for a new opportunity” in the headline?

I have had a lot of discussions with numerous recruiters and headhunters on this topic.

In my opinion, you should NOT put “looking for a new opportunity” in your headline.

  1. It gives the impression you are desperate.
  2. You are better than that. You have skills, talents, experience. You have a lot to offer to your next employer or client. Don’t waste it with a pitiful headline. Instead, create a headline and summary that tells your reader what you can do for them.
  3. Last but not least. What’s an “opportunity” anyway? What kind of opportunity are you looking for?

Some recruiters tell me they like the “looking for a new job”. Reason: “I will be able to help the candidate find the right position.”

I’m gonna sound blunt again, but do I have to believe that? Or is it just easier for your search?


  1. Should I use keywords in my LinkedIn profile?


Yes and no.

LinkedIn is not Google.

When people are searching on Google, they use keywords and key phrases.

On LinkedIn, they look for people. They search for names, rarely for skills. And another difference is that you often ‘discover’ people instead of only ‘searching’ for them.

So in other words, using keywords in your profile like you would do for S.E.O. sake on your website is not that relevant.

Does this mean you should not use keywords at all?

I believe you should. Add them to your headline and summary (specialties section). Not because it will allow you to be found easily. However, in case your target audience stumbles upon your profile and reads the headline and the first words of your summary, you better want to make sure your headline and summary make it very clear what you can do for your target audience. And keywords can just do that.


Your turn – share your common question and/or surprising answer



[INFOGRAPHIC] Social media strategy in 7 steps

Hi there

Last week I was invited to speak for an audience of entrepreneurs about…

Social media.

First question I asked: ‘who is professionally active on social media?’

2 important words: ACTIVE and PROFESSIONALLY.

The room went pretty quiet.

A recent study about Belgian online shoppers shows us that 63% of them buy abroad.

Why is that? Different reasons. Price, ease, availability of products…

But this stat shows us that

there are a lot of opportunities for Belgian entrepreneurs willing to go online.

Not only Belgians of course.

So why not you?

How do you take your business online?

There are different steps like:

·        Design and build an easy-to-use website.

·        Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.

·        Establish an expert position (Personal Branding).

·        Use social media…


In this article I wanted to focus on the social media aspect of an online business.

So, I have created an infographic Social Media Strategy in 7 steps.

>>> You can download it here for FREE. Share if you like. Tx <<<
thumbnail of social media strategy infographic


Your turn: what’s your social media secret? 



Should you go digital?

Hi there

Are you still locked in Plato’s cave?

Or have you seen the beautiful world out there?


A couple of days ago I had dinner with a group of entrepreneurs.

This group of entrepreneurs gather together every first Monday night of the month.

The idea is to share success stories, challenges, difficult cases, experience…

We also invite a guest speaker once in a while.

And my friend Karina Urbina and I have the honor to facilitate all this.


Now, this Monday night it was evaluation time.

Everybody could give feedback on the setting, content, facilitators, etc…

Important stuff.

Now, I must say I was surprised to hear the feedback of some of the members.

A couple of them told Karina and myself we were trying too hard to convince them of the digital world, the internet and social media.

I guess you can say that Karina and I are very enthusiastic about this digital era.

And maybe a little too enthusiastic.



However, what disturbed me a little was the fact that these same men told us that internet & social media etc. was not that important for their business.

“There are other ways to do business”


I totally agree that you still can do business the good old fashioned way

I totally agree that face2face networking is very valuable

And I’m certain not everybody should have a webshop.


I am not convinced, however ,that we should say no to the digital world.

On the  contrary.

I pretty sure that you need “to go digital” if you want to grow your business in the long run.

I am sure that those entrepreneurs who want to stay “invisible” online… will not make it.


To quote Peter Hinsen: “Those who do not believe in the online world, are 1/ dead or 2/ extremely rich or 3/ stupid”

Pretty harsh I know.


So who are you?


Are you one of the people in Plato’s cave?

These people have always lived in a dark cave and only saw the shadows.

That cave and these shadows are their reality.

Are you the entrepreneur who says no to the online world?


Or are you the one who got away from the cave?

And saw the beauty of the real world?

Not the illusion in the cave.

Do you see the beauty of the online world?

The possibilities it might bring you  and your business?



Tell me, what’s your opinion about the digital world? Are you in or out?


4 concrete steps to build your online Personal Brand


How are you?

Last weeks I gave a couple of online trainings (webinars).

And I am organizing more of them.

The great thing about Webinars is that you can reach a lot of people

All over the world.

That is pretty exciting.

It allows you to share your message

And valuable content

with far more people than you could in a “normal live” seminar

More people can benefit from your ideas and tips

And it increases your online visibility

Nothing but good news.

Well, as long as Mr. Murphy is not in the house to play with technology 🙂

Anyway, how visible are you online?

How’s your online Personal Brand doing?

Here are 4 concrete steps to increase your online visibility in a solid way

And if you are wondering why you should do that…

It will enable you to stand out from the competition

Attract more clients

So you’ll enjoy (financial) freedom


The 4 steps:

1. The list:

Building your Personal Brand means building a solid reputation,

Becoming the go-to-person in your field.

This means that people have to know about you

Like you, and trust you to do business with you

And/or become your ambassador.

People will not all of a sudden trust you.

You have to build a relationship with your community.

And that is what the list is about.

The list is a list of people who are interested in what you do,

Your target audience, your ideal client,

And with whom you start having a conversation (via Email)

About their problems and your solutions

In order to build that relationship we just talked about

And build that solid reputation …

You might think that having a large number of connections on LinkedIn is that list.

Well, it’s not the official/legal way of building a list. That’s one thing.

Two, if LinkedIn shuts down permanently, you have lost your connections.

Three, your LinkedIn community has not given you their formal OK to have that

conversation with them.

So you better do it the official/legal way.

My suggestion is that you start by selecting an email marketing service.

Today, I use Mailchimp – there is a free version to start with and is user friendly.


2. The irresistible Opt-in offer:

You might be thinking: “How do I get this people on my list officially?”

There are basic legal requirements for sending out email marketing messages you need to be aware of, hence my note about doing it the official/legal way.

The EU Opt-in Directive stipulates that direct marketing email messages may be sent only to recipients who have given their prior consent (opt-in).

Same thing in the US.

So you need an opt-in. They have to say “yes, start sending me mails”.

Well actually, that is not what they will be saying.

It will be more like “Give me that free stuff you’re offering and I’ll give you my email address.”

This means you have to have something really great to offer.

And that is where the opt-in offer comes in.

Irresistible = so valuable for your target audience that they cannot resist 🙂


  • An ‘fat’ eBook (not a light 5 page eBook)
  • A video series
  • A physical book
  • A sample
  • A challenge
  • A quiz
  • A cheat sheet

Oh, and you give it away for free!


3. Your online distribution channels:

“Yeah – all very nice, but how will people see my opt-in offer?”

Good question.

Here are some ideas:

  • In the summary of your LinkedIn profile
  • In the banner of your Facebook page
  • And other social media channels you use
  • In the signature of your emails
  • On your website, évidemment!
  • Add it to your proposals
  • And invoices
  • How about your business card (that’s not online, I know)…


4. Your super-duper content:

“OK, I’m starting to attract people to my list, what’s next?”

As I’ve already mentioned it is important that you start a conversation

In order for people to know-like-trust you

“Conversation? About what?”

About “problems” and your “solution”.

In a way that is not salezy.

And that doesn’t transform you into a bragger.

Make it human, authentic, personal

And extremely valuable

For your target audience.


Here are some ideas:

  • Blog
  • Video Blog
  • Podcast
  • Webinars
  • Tests and quizzes

You are probably asking yourself things like:

“Do I have to blog every week?” No, you don’t

“Does it have to be my content all the time?” No, it doesn’t

“Does it take time and effort?” Yes, it does. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your Personal Brand be. But there is an efficient way of approaching this.

“Is it worth it?” Yes it is. At least, if you want to stand out from the competition, get noticed by your potential clients and enjoy (financial) freedom.


And I can help you with that.

Every decent sporter has a coach – are you a decent entrepreneur?

Let me help you.



I just launched my Brand New YouBrand Journey

a 6 month program where I’ll teach you how to build your (online) Personal Brand and…

Get noticed, attract clients, enjoy (financial) freedom!

In other words:

  • I’ll teach you how:To build a list
  • Via Mailchimp
  • To create an irresistible opt-in offer
  • To pimp your LinkedIn profile
  • And Facebook page
  • To start to blog
  • And use video
  • To share your content via webinars
  • And have an attractive website
  • To grow your network online and offline
  • And much, much more …


>>> Join us before December 15, 2016 <<<

  • and enjoy: Super-duper discount
  • 3 Fantastic bonuses
  • A hug from me (well, maybe that’s not an irresistible offer :-))

>>> Sign up now <<<

Questions, doubts, remarks – contact me!


Big hug



PS: if you think one of your friends/colleagues/business partners could benefit from this free program- SHARE! Merci!

The secret & benefits of Apéro LinkedIn

Hi there!

Shall we meet at Apéro LinkedIn?

Now I hear you think… Apéro LinkedIn? What’s that all about?

Another networking event?

Or maybe a LinkedIn training for starters?


By the way…

To be honest…

I do want you to have a look at our online LinkedIn training.

And it’s not for starters only.

It’s for those who want to build their online Personal Brand.

And grow their network.

Via LinkedIn.

Check this out! 

Contact us if you are interested to subscribe

But back to Apéro LinkedIn

Discover in this video the concept that my client Anna invented.

And how Apéro LinkedIn can change your professional life in a positive way. évidemment! 🙂

Certainly if you are sick and tired of going to all these networking events.

So there you go, discover the secret of Apéro LinkedIn and how you will benefit from it in the video below! 



Your Video: Discover the secret of Apéro LinkedIn


Your turn, what LinkedIn secrets are you willing to share with us?

PS: if you like – please do share! THANKS!

Stand out from the crowd thanks to a great LinkedIn background

Hi there!

Personal Branding is all about standing out from the crowd.

In a good way, that’s clear.

One of the great ways to build your online reputation is via LinkedIn. Unfortunately LinkedIn does not give you that much room to show your brand, your look and feel.

However, there is a way…. the LinkedIn background.

How to make a great LinkedIn background is what you will learn in this video.

I’ll show you how to use the following three tools

  • Canva
  • Photofunia
  • PicMonkey


So have a look and make yourself a great LinkedIn background image in the video below



And in the meanwhile enjoy your video below.

Your Video: 3 ways to create a great LinkedIn background Continue reading Stand out from the crowd thanks to a great LinkedIn background

Improve your LinkedIn Summary and rock!

Hi there!

Have you ever asked yourself the question why you have a LinkedIn profile, and you do have one I hope..

No really, what’s the use? 

Are you a freelancer / entrepreneur?

  • If so, you do want to build a solid reputation, right?
  • And you do want to attract more clients, isn’t that so?
  • And how about building an (online) network of infuencers, interesting people, ambassadors?…



Well, why do you have such a terrible LinkedIn profile ? Continue reading Improve your LinkedIn Summary and rock!

[VIDEO] LinkedIn headline do’s & don’ts

hi there!

How on earth is this possible? 

That’s what I asked myself during a lunch I had with a client…

He’s a great guy, HR Manager, impressive track record, a real value to lots of companies.

And he’s looking for a new job, but isn’t able to find one.

Reason? Well, one of the reasons might be his LinkedIn profile.
Sorry to say, but it not an example of best practice (euphemism :-))
And the worst aspect about his LinkedIn profile, is his headline.

Headline, you know, it’s what you find under your name.

Do you know what he had there?

Well I’m lying. He had added a dash, a dash like in – Continue reading [VIDEO] LinkedIn headline do’s & don’ts

VIDEO BLOG: the 8 fundamentals of Personal Branding

Hi there!

Last week I had the pleasure to spend two days with one of my clients and great artist: Axelle Vanquaillie. And with a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We are are all eager to use our creative “talents” more often in our professional life.

We had the privilege to learn the doodling skills from Axelle and the story telling secrets from Lily Martens.

Being an enthusiastic student, I immediately put what I’ve learned in practice and here is the result of my first doodle. It is also your handout for the video below. Promise me you won’t laugh, I’m still a student 🙂 Pretty scary to share this with you, you know! 🙂

8 fundamentals

In this video I’ll teach you the 8 fundamentals of Personal Branding. 8 steps actually.

And to give you an aid to remember these 8 steps, I made a word(my signature system):

Y: You – it starts with you
O: Overcome your doubts and fears
U: Understand your niche
B: Blend your income streams
R: Realize your marketing message
A: Achieve your online presence
N: Nail your offline authority
D: Drive sales

Discover these steps and more in this video!


And if you like, please do tell a friend.

Many thanks!


Why you shouldn’t waste time on Online Personal Branding…

Why you shouldn’t waste time on Online Personal Branding…

or should I say, not ALL your precious time?…


Hi there!

I don’t know how about you, but you see them everywhere: the online challenges, the online webinars, the videos.

Social media is everywhere.

Blog, tweet, sell yourself online to death.

Yell as loudly and as frequently as possible online.

Because if you don’t, you don’t matter.


Continue reading Why you shouldn’t waste time on Online Personal Branding…