step 3: personal branding : name your brand

Give it a name!

Or how to name and claim your brand



I’m not weird, I’m just different
Before we can give the kid a name, we should bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.
We already identified our unique solution, but what makes it unique?

What makes you different from the competition?This graph summarizes what we’ve just mentioned:


  • WHO is your target audience?
  • WHAT is their need?
  • WHERE can you find this target audience? This is particularly important in the fifth step
  • WHY should they work with you? And not with the competition?
  • HOW UNIQUE are you? What unique value do you promise?


It is important to find an answer to these questions, because this will be the basis of your Personal Brand Statement.
Your Personal Brand Statement is the heart and soul of who you are and what motivates you.
It’s an expression of the promise you make to your target audience.
It is the short version of your Unique Selling Proposition and Elevator Pitch.

Which brings me smoothly to these two important elements of Personal Branding.

I’ve already written blog posts about these two elements, you can find them here (elevator pitch) and here (USP).

To summarize:

Elevator Pitch
The elevator pitch, or “tell me more about yourself in 1 minute”, and more importantly: how can you help the person you are talking to.
Here is one example of my elevator pitches (you can/should have more than one, depending on the person you are talking to and the situation you are in…)

Hi, I am Greet Bunnens and I have been a HR Interim Manager for more than 10 years delivering HR services to different companies. Today I’m on the other side. I help HR Interim Managers and other small business owners in the service industry attract more clients by guiding them through my unique 5-step Personal Branding Program called BRAND©. Thanks to my experience and skills in marketing, networking, business development and social media I am able to help them build their personal brand and become the go-to person in their field. My clients love my no-nonsense, result-oriented approach and my sense of humor.

Unique Selling Proposition
Your USP will accomplish 3 things for you:

  • UNIQUE – it sets you apart from your competition
  • SELLING – it persuades others to buy your services or products
  • PROPOSITION – it is a proposal or offer suggested for acceptance.
For example:
I promise the small business owners in the services sector that they will attract clients easily by following my unique 5-step Personal Branding Program called BRAND©. My program allows them to gain much more self-confidence thanks to the focus on delivering their unique solution to their right target audience and branding this in the best possible way via the most relevant channels. As a bonus, they will be able to enjoy more (financial) freedom.

Brand Statement
As mentioned before, your brand statement is kind of the summary of your elevator pitch and USP. In my case for instance:

I use my experience and skills in marketing, networking, business development and social media to help small business owners build their personal brand and become the go-to person in their field.

Now that we have an idea of our promise of value, we can sum it up in a tagline. A tagline is a short one-liner that you can add to your business card and/or signature of your Email.

My tagline: Get noticed, attract clients, enjoy freedom

And then finally we have come to the name-game.  WOOHOO! 🙂

People don’t do business with you because of your name or the name of your product or business. They do business with you because of what you do and the solution you provide to their problem. So there is no such thing as  a perfect brand name.

Still, some tips for a good brand name:

  • It  should be distinctive and memorable.
  • It should be easy to read and to pronounce.
  • Ideally it should suggest a meaning (although not all brands do)
  • Be sure it’s ownable (on the internet for example)

I use my own name, Greet Bunnens, and the YouBrandBuilder name.

Now tell me…

What’s your Elevator Pitch, USP, Brand Statement, Tagline or Name? Or what difficulties do you encounter coming up with these important Personal Brand elements? 

2 thoughts on “Give it a name!”

  1. Hi Greet,

    First of all, I like to read your posts. And especially this one.

    I searched a tag line that reveal my business … without find it. Thanks to your exercice, I did it. And for that, I would like to thank you.

    FlexiHR – Achieve your goals thanks to people

    All the best for the future

    1. Hi Carine
      thank you so much for the nice compliment – please do not hesitate to contact me should you need other tips, tricks or ideas.
      kind regards,

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