[GUEST BLOG]: 5 tips to become a better speaker – with Jeroen De Flander


What’s the best way to become a thought leader?

1/ By having something to tell / teach.
2/ By telling it!

Becoming a thought leader is becoming known as THE expert so it is obvious that the (internal) client should turn to you when he or she is struggling with that problem you have THE solution for!

1/ So first – find your message.
By filling the blanks : 

You position yourself as the expert in [your mastery] for [your target audience] and you deliver [your unique benefits] that will lead to [your promised results] and ultimately reach[your mission]. And (internal) clients should work with you because [your story].

2/ Second – share your message.
There’s lots of ideas here.

But how about telling it on stage?
How about becoming a speaker?

It’s apparently the number 1 fear.
And to make it worse, I once wrote a blog post on the 37 things to avoid as a public speaker.  🙂

However, don’t panic. Just practice. It’s not that difficult.

Guest Blog:

To give you a little boost, I asked Jeroen De Flander, a professional speaker and chairman of the Institute for Strategy Execution to share his most important tips on how to become a better speaker.

1b18cb2Thanks Jeroen, for being our guest blogger this week!

5 Tips to Become a Better Speaker

To build a strong brand, it’s important to be great on stage. Quite a few people don’t like it, but with some practice you will actually enjoy it.

1. Slow down: no need to break a speed record.

One of the biggest indicators of nervousness is the lightning-fast talker.

You might have the best speech ever written, but if no one can understand what you’re saying, it won’t matter.

Pace yourself and remember to speak at a normal or even slightly slower pace when you’re speaking publicly.

2. Use silence: Try to plan at least 3 deliberate stops of 8 – 10 seconds in your speech.

Silence makes your audience aware they are listening to someone.

When you close down the noise valve, you not only break your speaking rhythm but also the listening rhythm.

Even more so,  a longer silence  can make an audience very uncomfortable and therefor becomes, when used at the right moment,  a very effective speaker tool to command control over an audience.

3. Don’t read your text:
If you do, there will never be any passion in your voice – and passion is key if you want to inspire your audience.

Remember: ‘people come to listen to a speaker, not to look at reader’.

4. Use stories: find stories that reach for the heart of your listeners.

I use stories all the time and have a playlist ready to go in my head. I just need a small trigger…

If you start using stories, it’s a good idea to write them down and practice them with a friend or colleague until you have absorbed the story line completely.

5. Be a Tree: Have you noticed the way most people shift uncomfortably from foot-to-foot when they stand in front of a group?

They take small steps backwards and forwards, as if they want to start dancing but are afraid to do so.

Meanwhile their hands don’t move at all!

You actually need to achieve the precise opposite. Your legs and feet shouldn’t move – they are the tree trunk, firmly planted and immovable.

Your arms are the twigs – they move freely in the wind (read ‘your arm movement should reinforce your message’).

*** How about that?! Difficult? ***

1/ You can find the rest of his speaking skills secrets in a mini guide.
2/ And herewith your doodle handout 🙂

jeroen de flander - become better speaker

Your turn
What are your favourite tips to improve your speaking skills?
To your success!

PS: if you like – please do share! THANKS!

One thought on “[GUEST BLOG]: 5 tips to become a better speaker – with Jeroen De Flander”

  1. Hallo, dank je voor de zeer interessante en nuttige tips. Ik vroeg me af hoe je jezelf het best kunt voorstellen naar verwijzers (die patiënten naar mij moeten verwijzen) zonder ‘overdrijven’. Ik bedoel hiermee hoe je je positieve kenmerken (hoe je een zaak aanpakt, patiënten benadert en behandelt, de manier van werken, enz.) in de verf kan zetten, zonder op te vallen.

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