Hi there, are you ready to S.H.I.N.E. ?

Hi there!

Oh no!

I recently received a mail from a person who gave me negative feedback on my business, brand and me being out there. I shot a video with my reaction to that: How to react to hate-mail.

And THANK YOU for all the positive reactions I received after I shared my video. I think I never got more reactions. Again, thank you.

There was also this wonderful lady, Hilde, HR Manager who told me ‘I have a friend who was also suspicious of you because of your so visible, and active online and offline. But no worries, I told her what a caring and giving person you are, so she changed her mind about you.’

What a great reaction ! Thanks, Hilde!

But that made me realize there are still lots of people out there who are afraid to be visible, and/or dislike people who are visible.

Thing is they are afraid. They fear visibility. 

Maybe you too, you realize (or not :-)) that you should be more visible in order to get noticed by your potential clients, but you don’t know how. Or you are afraid of what people might think. Or what gives you the right to spread your message etc…

Sounds familiar?

Well, good news!

I came up with an acronym S.H.I.N.E. that will help you get over your fear of visibility and help you grow your brand and business. And help you SHINE!

(video below)

My S.H.I.N.E. formula stands for:

S: Seek your purpose

And remember, when you are on a mission, nothing should stop you, certainly not your fear of visibility.

H: Help others

You have something valuable to give to others, right? You can offer something that will help solve people’s problems or realize their ambitions. Focus on that, instead of being afraid that people will think you are sleazy or salesy.

I: Ignore toxic people

Ignore the naysayers and negative people in your life. There are so many positive people out there who do love and support you. And if some people, don’t like the fact that you are visible. SO BE IT. You are on a mission, remember?!

N: No blaming or complaining

You are responsible for your thoughts and actions. You are responsible for your business and brand. Well take full responsiblity and don’t you dare complain about the economy or the weather or blame the government 🙂

E: Enjoy the ride

And celebrate. Celebrate every little success. Enjoy shooting videos or writing blog posts. Enjoy the positive comments you’ll get. Enjoy the fact that you will attract clients thanks to your Personal Brand


And never forget:

Do Good, Be Good, Feel Good.

Enjoy the video & the handout!





And share if you care! Thanks



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