How Personal Branding will save your career or business

How Personal Branding will make you future-proof

Hi there

A lot of bad news lately.

Especially for people working in the financial sector, like ING & AXA

These companies are cutting jobs.

One of the reasons is getting ready for the digital era.

“Getting ready”, a little late, don’t you think?

Anyway, the financial sector will not be the last one considering collective dismissal.

I recently read an article of Geert Degrande where he refers to trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas.

Bakas tells us that less and less working people will have a permanent contract. More and more people will have multiple temp jobs or freelance jobs.

From 2002 to 2012 the percentage of the Dutch working population with a permanent contract declined from 72% to 55% and by 2022 that will only be 30% apparently.

What can we learn from this?

That Authentic Personal Branding becomes even more and more important.

For whom?

  1. For those people who have a perm job and live in a golden cage. The end of those kinds of jobs is nearing. So you’d better get ready for the future and start building your authentic personal brand.
  2. For all the freelancers. More and more people are joining the freelance population. This means more and more competition. Are you ready to stand out in a positive way?
  3. Actually for everybody who takes his or her professional career or business seriously. That means YOU! (I hope :-))

How? How can you build your Personal Brand?

I have developed a 5 step approach BRAND©. Initially it was focused on building your personal brand in order to stand out, attract more clients and build your business.

However, these 5 steps can also be applied by job seekers, or people who are ready to get noticed in a positive way within the company they work for.

Here it is!

B – Become aware of the real YOU!


Start with the basics. You have to know what you are good at. I do not believe in fake it till you make it.

I believe you have to build on your strengths.

So, what are you good at?

What are your talents?

Make your own SWOT analysis.

What’s your purpose?

In what field do you wish to become the go-to-person?

(because that is what Personal Branding is all about)

R – Reach out to your target audience


In Personal Branding the key is to stand out in a positive way from the crowd and get noticed. Well, get noticed by whom? HR? Recruiters? Potential clients? The CEO of the company you (want to) work for?

A – Answer your target audience’s needs


Once you have an idea of who your target audience is, try to figure out what kind of “problems” he or she is facing? What ambitions do they have?

For example:

  • The recruiter wants to find the right person to fill the vacancy. What makes you the right fit?
  • The CEO wishes to grow his business and how can you help him or her with that?
  • Your potential clients have difficulties standing out from the competition and attracting clients and you can help them with your Personal Branding approach (guess who’s example is this :-))


N – Name and claim your brand


Once you have an idea of how you can help your target audience solve their problems thanks to your skill set and approach…

You can craft your marketing message.

Your elevator pitch.

Your USP.

And that’s what you use in your LinkedIn profile, at networking events, in interviews etc..

D – Deliver your message and content


That brings us to the channels you will use to get your message across.

Where is your target audience and how can you reach them?

Online – social media, website, blog or video blog (vlog)…

Offline – networking events, your own network, public speaking, …

And off you go!

You are ready to spread your message.

You are ready to stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

You are ready for the future.

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Good luck!


Your turn.

What’s your first next step to start building your Personal Brand?



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