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How to craft your marketing message – 3 tips

last weekend I went to a BBQ where I almost knew nodody.

Ever been at those kinds of occasions?

I was so lucky as to being invited to a family day in the zoo.

With my husband’s colleagues and spouses and kids.

I couldn’t bring my family, because dogs were not allowed..

You get the picture.

To be completely honest, It’s not my favorite way of spending my Saturday.

Even though my husband has great colleagues.

And the pandas were lovely

Or did you guess that already? 🙂

Anyway, I’m a curious person.

I’m interested in people

and what they do…

So I asked one of the spouses … “what is it that you do?”

And she just gave me terrible feedback on how she makes a living…

“I’m into sales” she said with a soft low-energy bored voice,

looking away and giving me (willingly or not) the sign:

“stop asking questions about my job, it is hell, life is hell.”


What a pitty

I’ll never know what she sells…

… not all that much, I’d say 😮

oops oops I’m being blunt again – sorry

No honestly, I feel sad when I see somebody talking about her career in this way. Nobody should spend most time of the day in a lousy unfulfilling job. We can all achieve greatness if we want to.

Now back to that encounter, it brings me to my short video on how to respond to the question:

“What is it that you do?”

I’ll give you 3 quick tips on how to make a good everlasting impression

and who knows…

create an everlasting connection with a potential client or huge influencer

So hurry up and watch the video here.

In short:

  1. It’s not about you
  2. show passion and energy
  3. ask a great question

Want me to help you with that?

For those who want help from me and a small group of likeminded entrepreneurs

crafting your marketing message

and telling your story in a compelling way

so that people will listen to you

get inspired

and potentially buy from you

whether you speak Nederlands, ou le Français or English

I’ll help you to craft your message step by step 

and bring it with confidence


and online

How? just call me +32 478 39 02 69  and we’ll fix a meeting



One thought on “How to craft your marketing message – 3 tips”

  1. Hallo Greet,

    Leuke video maar de echo in jouw keuken maakt hem moeilijk verstaanbaar. Je zou een akoestisch (bizarre spelling, niet?) paneel achter de camera kunnen opstellen zie al meteen veel geluid absorbeert waardoor het niet meer ‘terugkaatst’ in de ruimte. Ik vermoed dat een bouwmarkt wel iets heeft dat kan helpen.

    Fijne dag verder!

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