How to get rid of silly excuses and beat procrastination

Hi there!

Recently I was interviewed by Kawtar Najjar for her ‘The Online Business Rebels Summit’.

The goal of the summit is to inspire and enthuse (young) entrepreneurs on their business journey.

Obviously, my cup of tea.


One of the questions Kawtar asked me was about excuses and procrastination

We all have excuses that keep us from realizing our goals, from implementing, from getting things done, etc..

How do you overcome these excuses and beliefs?


This is indeed a major topic for entrepreneurs (for everybody actually)

And I have studied the topic for years.

I could give you hundreds of ideas and tips.


But let’s keep it short.

Let’s focus on 3 ideas that have helped me overcome my doubts and fears and helps me beat procrastination.

3 ideas that help me get moving.


1. Everything is relative

Everything is relative

Einstein said it. Paulo Coelho too.

People tell me things like:

  • I’m a single mom, so I can’t…
  • I had a difficult childhood, so I can’t…
  • I am too ugly, small, big, weak….
  • I don’t have the money…
  • I don’t have time…
  • I need to do/study this first…


What’s your excuse?

I tend to think: “There are 7 billion people on this planet. Do you honestly think there is not at least one person who has experienced worse situations and still was able to realize his or her dreams, got things done, came into action?…”



2. Your why

remember why you started

Do you remember why you started?

Pursuing the career of an entrepreneur is not easy.

So why did you start?

Why are you doing what you do?

What is your purpose, your why?

Remember that when you are facing difficulties.

Or when the evil procrastination monster knocks on your door.


3. 5 second rule

5 second rule

I love Mel Robbin’s book “the 5 second rule”.

Such a simple rule.

And boy, what a powerful rule.

Mel says in her book that whenever you feel a hunch (you know you should do something) you need to act on it quickly. You have 5 seconds before your brain takes over and comes up with a million excuses to not do the thing that you know you should do.

For instance, get up early.

Or call prospects.

Or say ‘I love you’ to someone dear.

So what’s the secret behind the 5 second rule.

Simple– you count backwards: 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – GO.

And when you say the word GO, you act.

It’s as simple as that.

Not always easy.

But really simple.

You should try it.



So what is your excuse?

And how do you overcome excuses? Please do share in the comment field below. Many thanks.

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