How to overcome doubts about your business (dream)?

Hi there

This morning I got up with a terrible headache and a bad temper.

I didn’t feel like doing much but lying in my bed.

I felt sorry for myself and was complaining to myself about all the stuff I had on my plate.

I started to wonder whether I made the right decision becoming an entrepreneur.

There is so much to do in so little time.

I somehow didn’t feel motivated and lost my punch.

But if you know me, you know I’m not (or should I say: I’m no longer) a negative person.

On the contrary, people who blame and complain give me the creeps.

And I don’t feel like giving myself the creeps.

Anyway, have you been in that kind of situation?

A situation where you start doubting your decision (of starting your business)?


Two tips for you:

1/ First, what helps is thinking back to that special moment when you made the decision to start your business.

Think back to the moment you decided to turn your talents and passion into a business?

Close your eyes for a moment and try to FEEL that moment.

How did it feel when you made that decision?

Did you feel excited?


A little scared?


Did you feel the energy and adrenaline?

Do you feel it now?

That’s what helps me.

Hope it will help you too.

And give you that motivation and boost to give it your best.

To make your business dream come true.


2/ Brings me to Business Boost, and the Business Boost Event.

This is tip number 2.

However, this one is only for the entrepreneurs speaking Dutch.

Sorry guys, an English version is on its way.

Anyway, for all those Dutch-speaking entrepreneurs…

Come to our 2-day live event.

It’s 2 days of training, sharing knowledge and experience with like-minded entrepreneurs.

And it’s two days of energy, motivation, … the business boost you are probably looking for.

I promise you, you will go home excited, with the necessary motivation and tools to move your business to the next level.

And hey, you don’t have to believe me.

Just watch the enthusiastic participants.


Your turn: What do you do when in doubt?

Hope this helped you.

Have an exciting day!


love to hear your thoughts, questions, worries, ideas… contact me +32.478.39.02.69 or leave a reply below

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