[VIDEO] How to react to negative feedback


I got a mail from somebody a couple of days ago.
The guy doesn’t like me. That’s obvious.

This is what it said:

Dear Greet,
I really dislike your style.
You are too much out there.
I see you everywhere.
You are talking about being visible.
And achieving higher levels of performance.
Well, I’m ok with living a comfortable life without having to be so visible.
It’s easy for you to say, you are obviously the extraverted type.
Well I’m not.
There is more in life than being on social media.
And building a business.
Do me a favor and unsubscribe me from your list. 

Hallelujah !

How’s that for a feedback?

Did you ever get such feedback?
How do you react?
Fight? Flight? Freeze?

I’ll tell you in this video how I reacted.
And I’ll also give you more background on the following tips:

  • Take a step back and reflect on how you will react
  • Think about the positive people and feedback
  • What’s your purpose? Why are you doing the things you do? Isn’t that more important than some feedback from a stranger? I sure as hell wasn’t always that outgoing extraverted enthusiastic person. Something drastically changed me. My turning point.
  • My motto: Be Good – Do Good – Feel Good


Enjoy the video.




And please do leave me some (positive) feedback 🙂




3 thoughts on “[VIDEO] How to react to negative feedback”

  1. Ik vind jou super en motiverend! Die persoon ging sowieso geen klant worden. Niet demotiveren, door doen! Je doet goed werk!

  2. Rudy Vanheygen says:

    dear Greet,
    That person did indeed waste a lot of time and energy writing this negative feedback. And I wonder whether he feels better now. I think he must be pretty frustrated and kealous not having the attention you get through your blogs, videos and messages. Personally, I admire your strength, creativity and perseverence in what you do and how you can inspire people to follow your lead and become a better (business) person.So, keep it up and continue to bring us your messages of hope, happiness and success. Kind regards, Rudy

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