Improve your LinkedIn Summary and rock!

Hi there!

Have you ever asked yourself the question why you have a LinkedIn profile, and you do have one I hope..

No really, what’s the use? 

Are you a freelancer / entrepreneur?

  • If so, you do want to build a solid reputation, right?
  • And you do want to attract more clients, isn’t that so?
  • And how about building an (online) network of infuencers, interesting people, ambassadors?…



Well, why do you have such a terrible LinkedIn profile ?

OK, OK, maybe not yours 🙂

But I do see lots of terrible LinkedIn profiles.

And it’s mainly the LinkedIn summary that is a problem.

In this video I’ll give you 5 tips to improve your LinkedIn Summary and start attracting more clients, build your reputaiton and amplify your network.

  1.  Answer the following questions:
    1. who’s your target audience?
    2. what is it that you do?
    3.  what benefits do you promise?
  2. Address your audience
  3. Use the 1st person
  4. Add proof
  5. Include a Call To Action

Your Video: Improve your LinkedIn Summary: 


Your turn, other ideas on improving your LinkedIn Summary?
Or your LinkedIn profile?


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