[INFOGRAPHIC] Get the most out of your Networking efforts

… in order to get some Net Worth out of your Network

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Hi there!

Image this:

  1. Step 1: “Hey I’m going to a networking event to get me some clients! hell yeah!”
  2. Step 2: You arrive alone – you do not know anybody – your heart is beating fast – your hands are sweaty – your self-esteem is below zero – your natural charm has run off – everybody seems to know each other and it looks like all of them are best friends and you do not belong…
  3. Step 3: You hide behind the bar or in the toilet
  4. Step 4: You go home – with a lot of business cards (your own!) and feel frustrated because nobody talked to you and you did not get 1 client
  5. Step 5: “I am never ever going to any network event – no way!”

Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Does it sound familiar?

No worries, I will learn you how to get over your networking fears and start networking effectively in the next blogposts. This is important because “your network is your net worth – Porter Gale

But to start off the series of Networking Blogposts: here’s an infographic to get you in the mood… enjoy!


networking infographic

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