Interview with Cindy Vranken on how to become a best-selling freelancer…

… and much more

Hi there

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for good resolutions – we’ve already talked about that in our previous blog post. It is nice to have good resolutions but how do you stick to them? Read here

Are you a freelancer / small business owner and your good resolutions for 2015 are…

  • generate more leads
  • attract more clients
  • work with great & lucrative clients
  • earn more money
  • have more time to spend to important things in life

Well then Personal Branding is the perfect start.
However attracting potential clients via Personal Branding is one thing, selling & negotiating once you are in front of the potential client is another.

I already gave away some tips on how to handle sales well, but I thought it was much more interesting to ask a real sales expert to give us some behind the scenes tips & tricks on selling. That person is Cindy Vranken. She has more than 20 years of sales experience in start-ups, small companies and multinationals. Recently she started her own business, which is calledMega Cindy (don’t you just love the name! :-)) where she wants to learn entrepreneurs sell from the heart.

And instead of having a dull written interview, why not a video?  Enjoy!!

View the video by clicking the photo below: 

Cindy also gives away great presents! (in Dutch) Here are the links to:

And I would like to end this last blog post of 2014 by wishing you a super 2015!

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