Why you should use LinkedIn Publish to increase visibility …

… and the 10 mistakes you should avoid

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Last week I gave a workshop on Facebook to a group of entrepreneurs. And we had an interesting discussion on whether we should focus on Facebook or LinkedIn.

I heard things like: “Facebook is not suitable for B2B”, “Facebook is dangerous”, “Mark Zuckerberg is the devil”, “LinkedIn is boring”, “Social Media is time consuming”, “LinkedIn is becoming more & more Facebook-like”, “I don’t know what to post on LinkedIn or Facebook”, “Everything has already been said”, etc etc..

Let’s not turn this blog post into a discussion whether we should use LinkedIn or Facebook + when. I might write another blog post about that subject.

Thing is, I believe both of them certainly have something valuable to offer to us, entrepreneurs. B2B or not. However, I’m still a fan of LinkedIn and I’ve become an even greater fan since they offered us the possibility to post our blog posts via the LinkedIn Publish feature.

LinkedIn Publish is a great tool to boost your Personal Brand! Tweet this!

Why should you use the LinkedIn Publish feature?

  • Boost your Personal Brand
  • Increase your visibility
  • Share your knowledge and content
  • Build your authority
  • Grow your network
  • Become a celebrity J in your field


And you do know LinkedIn has more than 330 million users, right?

All right, so let’s start blogging on LinkedIn.


Before you start, just read these 10 mistakes you don’t want to make:

  1. Not starting to blog on LinkedIn – big mistake – come on you guys!
  2. Making it a personal diary – it’s not about you! It’s about how you can help your target audience solve their ‘problems’.
  3. Not making it a part of your marketing strategy – you should have a plan if you want to maximize your impact – who do you want to help, solve what and how (does it make you unique)
  4. Not being patient – too many clients of mine post 3 or 4 times and then they stop because they feel they did not have enough readers. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your audience and Personal Brand be.
  5. Posting too little or too often – difficult one! You have to be top of mind with your audience, so posting 3 times per year won’t do it. Does this mean you have to post every day. NO! You might be considered a spammer. Why not once a week or twice a month?
  6. Not making it visible – use pictures, use video.
  7. No Call To Action – if you want to engage with your audience and interact, you need to “start the conversation” or ask them to do/say something
  8. Not posting valuable and relevant information for your target audience – If you want to demonstrate thought leadership you should create compelling content for your followers
  9. Not thanking people who leave comments – your parents taught you good manners, didn’t they?
  10. Not informing your entire network – posting on LinkedIn is one thing, why not promoting it to the relevant LinkedIn groups you belong to, and via other social media platforms, or like in the signature below your emails?…

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And in the meanwhile…. Tell me, what other mistakes should we avoid when publishing in LinkedIn? Tell me! I’ll be forever grateful to those who wish to share their ideas below. So a big THANK YOU to you!

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