Live Workshop: Book + Branding + Upsell = Booming Business

Discover how your own book will boost your business!

I’m a fan of Personal Branding because:

  • It will enable you to position yourself as the go-to-person in your field
  • When you have a strong reputation you attract more lucrative clients
  • It allows you to stand out among the competition in an authentic and positive way
  • It sets you in the driver’s seat of your business etc etc…

So it is of great importance you work on that Personal Brand of yours

And one of the BEST ways to build that Personal Brand is by writing your own book!  

My own book?

  • When do you start your own book
  • How do you start writing your own book?
  • Where will you find the time to write?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What makes your book unique?
  • And once written, then what? Find a publisher? Self-publish?
  • How much time will it take?
  • How much money will it cost?
  • ….

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

Well, in this live workshop you will get all the answers to these questions and other questions you might have regarding writing your own book.

My dear friend, Laurence Verwee from will teach you how to tell to boost your business and personal brand thanks to a non-fiction book!

A book that you will use as the perfect instrument to build that reputation and become the authority in your field.

personal branding book

This a live workshop  for you freelancer, coach, trainer, consultant, interim manager…who wants to boost your business

Where & When? De Malt, Boortmeerbeek (Belgium) – August 17, 7 PM (CET)

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Hosted by Greet Bunnens

Greet BunnensHi, I have been a HR Interim Manager for more than 10 years delivering HR services to different companies. In 2010 I started my own HR consultancy firm HR-Vibe, which is doing well. I recently started a second company YouBrandBuilder and I help HR Interim Managers and other small business owners in the service industry build their Personal Brand, attract more clients and achieve business success.

And I know how it is to be stressed out creating a new company. I was really scared to get out there and become visible, to position myself and claim my place in the entrepreneurs world.

I was really afraid people would turn me down, or would think I suddenly became a bragger and a show-off. All my life I was told I shouldn’t make too much noise, work hard, be nice and that would be the key to success.

But that is just not good enough. You have to be visible to your potential client, how else will they be able to know, like, trust and more importantly buy from you? Right?

You just have to position yourself in a meaningful way! But not by becoming a fake, or a bragger.

Me, I wanted to build an integer honest personal brand while being true and authentic to myself.

And I want to teach others too. Thanks to my experience and skills in marketing, networking, business development and social media I am able to help you build your Personal Brand and become the authority in your field.

You are more than welcome to join! So register quickly.

Guest Speaker: Laurence Verwee

I’ve always been crazy about books! Even when I was a child.

Public Relations and books
When I finished my studies I started with the largest publisher in Flanders Lannoo and I learned how important communication, marketing and public relations are for books. I was one of the first people to help politicians and entrepreneurs who wanted to publish a book in order to support their public relations.

Own magazine
After a while it became clear I wanted to start a publishing house myself. It started with me being the publisher of a magazine called Impuls.

Yin Books
Later I started (finally) my own publishing house Yin Books, and a dream came true: publishing books in a free and independent way! Publishing is for me the most interesting job in the world. You get in touch with different kinds of people who wish to share their ideas via a book.

The digital world
I’ve always been passionate about following the evoluation of the publishing  sector and world of books. And the digital world opens new doors, also for me.

My love for books, communication and the coaching of people – in combination with the new possibilities of social media lead me to a new form of publishing. A way that makes every book a bestseller. Not only because of sales but because it gives authors the opportunity to grow personally, build their Personal Brand and focus on what really matters to them. My method is a 3-step plan: Book + branding + upsell = booming business!

You are more than welcome to join! So register quickly.

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Your investment is only 60 € (excl. VAT)

The RETURN on investment however, will be huge! I promise you! 

*** And beware! Food & drinks & surprises are on us:-) ***

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Hope to see you there!

Big hug!

Laurence and Greetje


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