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You all know by now that I have started my second company YouBrandBuilder. Évidemment! How else could you know about this blog 🙂 

Anyway, when I started, a lot of people asked me: “Aren’t you afraid? Will you succeed? Isn’t this a too big risk? How can you know you will not fail?”….. and the list goes on and on and on…

My answer to almost all those questions was and is: “I don’t know!” OK, maybe I’ll fail. So what? My ego won’t like it, but so what?! Will I succeed? I sure hope so. Is it too risky? …. I do not have the answers yet.

However, there is one thing that is for sure, and that is that I follow some important principles. I call them my success principles. And I’m pretty sure that by following these principles I’ll have a much greater chance in making YouBrandBuilder a success, than those who do not follow some rules.

Interested? Here are 5 of them – in my future blog posts, I will be listing some others:

1. It is lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges. And I believed in myself – Muhammed Ali

It all starts with believing in yourself. Even  when everyone else around you doubts you. When people think you’ve made the stupidest decision ever! You cannot succeed if you do not first believe in yourself and your services. I strongly believe that my services help my clients, entrepreneurs, move forward and achieve success much faster. I can only believe in my success when I truly believe that what I’m doing is helping my clients and that it is good for them!. My mission is to make a successful business by helping my clients make theirs…

2. Action is the foundational key to success – Pablo Picasso

I meet a lot of entrepreneurs with great ideas but somehow they are stuck. They, for one reason or another, have difficulties getting down to action. So, they stay this mediocre entrepreneur, or employee with the  dream to become an entrepreneur someday. Or should I say they become the ‘Wantrepreneur’. Those are the people who fear a lot of things, procrastinate the whole time and find themselves at the end of their lives with the question “why didn’t I ever get started?”. I’m not one of them, and I’m pretty sure you are not either, right?

3. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give – Winston Churchill

I have said it time and time again. Giving is so important, certainly these days, it’s becoming more and more important. Everything is about “give give give get”. People only “buy” from the people they trust, so you have to show them you are trustworthy. How? By giving valuable information and tips etc… That is why I am writing these blogs, why I am organizing workshops and webinars, why I regularly meet people for a FREE Personal Branding Scan. Because that way they know what I’m like, what I have to offer and whether I am trustworthy. Interested to know more about the free Personal Branding scan, by the way? Just call me +32.478.39.02.69 or mail me

4. The successful warrior is the average man with razor-like focus – Bruce Lee

Focus, extremely important but oh so difficult. At least for me. I’m one of these “Bright shiny object people” if I’m not careful. I know I have to focus on my short, medium and long term goals. I know I cannot get distracted by other interesting beautiful projects (bright shiny objects, qua!). My focus today is getting YouBrandBuilder up and running. With all the marketing, sales, development, operational stuff that comes along with it. That’s my short term business focus. What’s yours?

5. The best investment you can make, is in yourself – Warren Buffet

The day I started YouBrandBuilder was the day my business coach asked me “what would you do if you were not afraid?”. She wasn’t my business coach back then. But she and her question were the trigger. And as I’m someone who wants to work efficiently, wants to (try to do) things good the first time (I don’t want to waste time by making the mistakes everyone else does), I said to myself: “I need to invest in myself AND get myself a business coach.” And I’m happy I did. I strongly believe that I will always be able to learn, to grow, … and guess what… I love learning and growing. Woohoo! I’m lucky, because how else am I gonna be successful, right?! 🙂

Are you ready invest in yourself and to take on a business coach – contact me! +32.478.39.02.69  or

No strings attached.

Your Turn – do you have any interesting business success tips for us?

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  1. Nice cool Business tips. I like the point on “Taking Actions when needed” Its important to have a positive mindset.

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