Oh boy, you’re a woman. What a pity.

“I’m surprised so many men follow you and work with you.”

“It’s a shame but I bet men prefer working with a man than with you.”


This is what 2 people said to me last week.

The first statement was made by a (male) friend.

The second by a female client.


I’m surprised.

It never crossed my mind that men have a preference for a male personal branding & business coach.


Is it true?


As I’ve said, never thought of it.

Was I ignorant?


Actually I’m not really into those man/woman discussions.

I’m not fond of the fierce discussions about the glass ceiling.

And these networking events and networking groups focused on women only.

Not my cup of tea.


When I started my business, no way was I going to choose a 100% female target audience.

Was I wrong?

Should I have been focusing on women only?


What’s your opinion?


Other question: imagine it is true.

Imagine men do have a preference for male business coaches.

Why is that?

Do they believe we (women) don’t know anything about business?

Or are they afraid to open up and talk about their challenges to women?


What do you think?


Last question: should I do something about it?

And if so, what should I do about it?

Tell me.


To be honest, I think I’ll stick to working with fantastic, inspiring people.

Men and women.

I’ve been doing that so far.

Suits me fine.

Thanks for all the men and women I’ve been blessed to work with over the last couple of years.

You are great.





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