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Hi there
Have you ever  had the feeling you had a brilliant original idea, ready to shout it out and then discover that somebody else had that idea a long time ago? Meaning you’re not so brilliant and original?

I had! Oops

I thought: “Why don’t I make a Personal Branding from A to Z guide?” Nice idea, right? Indeed nice idea. Only Barry Feldman from Feldman Creative already got that idea.

Mmm, I admit, I kind of felt a little silly. But then I remembered “Steal like an artist” from Austin Kleon (see my previous blog post about that) and I told myself, what the h***, I’ll make the guide anyway, with my own personal flavor.

Hope you’ll like it. Here it is.

Authenticity: I often get the remark that personal branding is for braggers and that it’s just about selling yourself. Looks like it has nothing to do with authenticity. However authenticity is THE most important aspect in personal branding. As Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” 

Blog: Blogging is a great way to share your views, content and build your reputation. Blogging has been a client attraction tool for me. Why not for you? Learn how to start blogging here.

Content: it’s all about delivering valuable content to your target audience in order to put yourself in the market as the go-to person and to attract your audience

Differentiate: Why should you consider investing time in personal branding? Reason n°1: to stand out from the “competition”.

Elevator Pitch: One of the basics of personal branding is your elevator pitch. How do you introduce yourself to others in a concise and interesting way? Read my blog post how you go about that.

Follow-up: Follow-up with people you come across with, follow-up with potential clients, follow-up with offers you made, follow-up with introductions you made… Particularly in networking an important “to do”.

Give Give Give: Personal Branding is about delivering valuable information, introducing people to each other, helping others achieve their goals. It’s not about getting and receiving, it’s about giving. In the end this giving attitude will get you much further than any other attitude.

Handle with care: Your personal brand is an important asset you should try to control and handle with care. Otherwise people my create a personal brand for you and that might not such a pretty one.

Influencers: Surround yourself with people you respect, admire. Surround yourself with influential people. And also there, remember to help them before asking anything in return.

Jab, jab, jab, right hook: Read this great book regarding social media, written by a great Personal Brand Gary V (or Gary Vaynerchuk), the book, the content and the guy are great!

Keynote speaker: Become a keynote/public speaker. This is a very good way to get people to know, like and trust you. I know it’s awkward and a lot of people are afraid of it. Read my blog post to avoid the common mistakes.

LinkedIn: In a business-to-business environment, or when you are looking for a new opportunity, your LinkedIn is the easiest way to show them who you are, what you have to give and what you are looking for. So pimp that LinkedIn profile!

Mailing List: Even though some people claim mail is dead, I am not convinced we’re there yet. Mailing is a relatively easy to reach your target audience. And you should start building your mailing list NOW. Your list is what you own, it’s a valuable asset, especially for small business owners. You do not own LinkedIn or Facebook…

Networking: Networking (online and offline) is of utmost importance if you want to build your personal brand, attract clients, find an interesting new assignment or job… Read all about the 10 commandments in my previous blogposts hereand here).

Over deliver, under sell: You have probably seen the opposite more than once. So have I  and I hate it. It’s so much better to surprise your client with faster and better service than the other way around.

Purpose: What are you doing it all for? You need to have a purpose, you need to know WHY. Read more about the WHY here.

Questions: If you want to help your target audience, you need to know them, you need to know their problems, pains, ambitions…. How? Well, how about asking questions? It’s as simple as that.

Race: Building your personal brand is not a race or a sprint, it’s a marathon. It takes time and you need to be consistent and patient.

Signature System: Your signature system defines who you are and what you offer in a differentiating manner. How?Read this blog post.

Target audience: I’ve already mentioned the target audience above. Your target audience is your ideal “client”, the one you relate with, the one you wish to help. Depending on what you are looking for it might be a customer, a headhunter, your boss, the CEO of a particular company….

Unique Selling Proposition: What makes you unique and compelling? What makes your offer unique and compelling? The result is your USP. How do you come up with a USP?Read this blog post.

Value: As I mentioned before, you need to give give give. Give valuable “stuff”. Valuable as in “viewed as valuable and relevant by your target audience”. No use in spamming your potential client with yummie meat recipes if he’s a vegetarian. Get what I mean? 😉

Website: A website is your online business card. So I believe it is important to have a website. And it’s not that difficult nor expensive to build one.

X-ray vision: Or in other words: Focus. The best leaders in life have well defined goals and in everything they focus on these goals. Focus also helps you to escape the “bright shiny object syndrome” and improve efficiency.

YOU! It all starts with you. However it is not about you. Readmy blog post if you are curious to know what I mean.

Zombie: Even though working on your personal brand and career or business demands focus, time, effort and dedication, you should not forget to take some time off to spend on your hobbies or with friends and family in order for you not to become a zombie. Zombies are kind of difficult to brand. 🙂

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