step 3 personal branding: sweet spot

Please tell me that story of how I rescued you again

Or how to answer your Target Audience’s needs… 

step 3 personal branding: sweet spot
5 simple steps …
… it doesn’t take more than that to build your Personal Brand.
I have created the BRAND© model that will help you through these five steps.
And I’m writing 5 blog posts, each one covering a step.
We’ve already covered step 1 and 2 – Become aware of the real YOU! and Reach out to your Target Audience. What can you offer your Target Audience.

Regarding that Target Audience, I got some replies.
Help! What if I choose my Target Audience wrong? What if I hate it? Won’t it turn out to be boring? How about the other people outside my target group?
My answer: If you don’t choose, you choose wrong anyway! And there’s always the possibility of correcting or adjusting. Be creative.
Being bored as an entrepreneur? Don’t think so 🙂
Personal Branding is also about giving, you don’t have to stop helping other people. Just know where to focus on with regards to your marketing and branding efforts.
So now that we have covered that, can we get on and focus on our solution for the Target Audience again, please ?:-)
It is important to know our Target Audience, ok, but what’s next?
The money is in the sweet spot
What’s next, is your sweet spot. “My sweet spot? Yes your sweet spot!”.

Your sweet spot is the combination of a specific Target Audience, a specific problem or need of this Target Audience and the specific solution you have to offer.

So if you want to find your niche, you better start analyzing your Target Audience in more detail.

What are their needs?

You have to know that all needs are related to at least one of these five overall topics:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Joy
  • Personal Development
Thus identify your Target Audience’s fears, frustrations and hopes & desires related to the above topics: health, wealth, personal growth, enjoyment and relationships.
Maybe one of these people is your ideal client?
  • Frank: “I’m an overweight accountant, and I really should start changing my eating habits because if I don’t who knows what will happen …”
  • Patricia: “I want to know all about passive income and get rich without working too hard…”
  • Anne: “I really need to learn all about mindfulness, it will help me grow personally and professionally… “
  • Ben: “I want to learn how to play golf, an ideal way to take some time for myself in and enjoy nature…”
  • Jo: “I want to find a wife… “
You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there
Now there, we have arrived at step 3: Answer your Target Audience’s needs.
How can you solve their problem?
How can you prevent your Target Audience from drowning?
How can you ‘rescue’ your client?
You might remember from my previous blog post (and those who have not read it yet, please do so, and while you are at it, read the previous one too – think it’s kind of easier to follow the 5 step process step by step, don’t you?) :-).
So you might remember my Target Audience: the small business owners in the service industry who fear they won’t be able to attract enough paying clients, and thus fear not earning enough money to support their family.
There  you have it – that’s their pain and frustration.
And how can I help them?
By guiding them through my five step coaching & mentoring program BRAND© or my 8 step advanced 6 month program YOUBRAND© enabling them to build their Personal Brand, become the expert in their field and attract all the clients they want.
And asking higher fees. That’s the bonus 🙂


Your turn.

I’m also curious to know how you kept your Target Audience from drowning. What’s your unique solution? Tell me!




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