She believed she could, so she did

She believed she could so she did (Ali Brown)

I’m really scared, and also a bit sad, but OH SO EXCITED!

What would you do if you were not afraid?…
You know what the number 1 fear is? … public speaking! People are more afraid of public speaking than death. Death is only number 4. So it’s better to be in the casket at a funeral than being the one giving the goodbye speech? Really? Luckily I’m not that afraid of public speaking. On the contrary. Still feel anxiety before a large audience, but it does not scare the living hell out of me.
Anyway, back to that question. What would you do if you were not afraid. That’s a question that was asked to me a couple of months ago and I said: “start my own company”. But I was afraid! Afraid of what?? Afraid of failure? Afraid of judgment? Afraid of success?? … I was and still am afraid.

But nevertheless, I decided to jump. Start my own company. Pfew. There I said it.

Those of you who already know me, will probably say ‘yeah but you have already your own company: HR-Vibe.’ And indeed, HR-Vibe is up and running and we’re doing well. We’re focusing on HR consultancy for small and medium sized companies. So if you are a small business owner and in need for a good HR consultant, just let us know.
So, what’s so different with my new company? What’s different with YouBrandBuilder (that’s the name by the way)
Well, HR-Vibe was my comfort zone. Human Resources Consultancy.

I proudly announce the birth of my baby YouBrandBuilder
YouBrandBuilder is in my comfort zone, because it’s what I love doing and what I’m good at! But it’s no longer HR, so less confort zone there! But hey, life begins where your comfort zone ends, right? I will be working on the things I love (Personal Branding, Marketing, Business Development, Personal Development,…) with the people I like a lot.

I meet lots of interim managers, coaches, trainers, consultants who are really good at what they do but find it hard to stand out among their business competitors. Lots of them are not used to giving thought to their personal brand, don’t know where to begin and how to build it.

And I really started feeling the need to help them. I knew I could help these small business owners who have difficulties standing out from the competition. I help them build their personal brand by guiding them through my unique 5-step coaching and mentoring program called BRAND. This allows them to achieve business success much faster with less effort.

And that is why I decided to start YouBrandBuilder. Growing my own business while helping other people grow theirs. Isn’t that fantastic? Yes! Let’s do it!
But hey! Stop! Will I make it? And then I saw this TED talk with Jonathan Fields, where he asks 3 questions, well actually 4.

Are you also on the verge of making an important decision?
Like starting your own business, asking the love of your life to marry you, building a house, changing jobs? Well, ask yourself these three questions when wondering “shall I jump or not?”

1/ What if you fail? Lots of people think of those terrible doom scenario’s. ‘I’m gonna lose my house! I’m gonna lose my wife! I’m gonna lose my friends! I’m gonna lose my dignity! The world is gonna end!’ Honnestly is that a realistic scenario? If I fail I’m sure my husband and friends will keep on supporting me and the world is certainly not going to fall apart… The second question you should ask yourself is “If I fail, how will I recover?’ And I thought to myself “OK my ego will have a difficult time 🙂 but I’m sure I have a set of competencies and talents I will be able to use in a next job, right?’ Yes! So next time you are hesitating of jumping and you are afraid of failing, come up with a realistic scenario and a backup plan.

2/ Next question: What if I do nothing? I could have stayed with HR Builders. It’s a great company with a great service and fantastic colleagues…  leaving all this really hurts. I could have stayed. But then again, I don’t want this writing on my gravestone “the girl who never built a successful company because she was afraid to jump”.

3/ And then you have the last question: “What if I succeed?” Wow, imagine, what if I succeed. How many people will I have helped create their own successful businesses? How many people will I have helped find fulfillment and freedom…. I honestly want to help as many people as possible find success, fulfillment and freedom.  How about you, what if you succeed?…. imagine that…
So thinking it all through, I decided to jump, create YouBrandBuilder. Do not hesitate to visit my this website  🙂

And don’t think I’m not afraid anymore… I am still this terrified little girl hoping she will succeed. Will I? Who knows, but at least I will have tried.

So wish me luck …
… and success! 🙂


PS: What is YouBrandBuilder about again? I help small business owners in the service industry (coaches, trainers, consultants, advisors, interim managers…) put themselves and their services on the map via Personal Branding  in order to attract more clients and enjoy freedom.


3 thoughts on “She believed she could, so she did”

  1. Hey Greet,
    ik wens je heel veel succes met je jump! Het leven is aan de durvers en het ziet er allemaal alvast heel mooi, professioneel en zelfrelativerend uit.
    all the best! Els

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