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Improve your LinkedIn Summary and rock!

Hi there!

Have you ever asked yourself the question why you have a LinkedIn profile, and you do have one I hope..

No really, what’s the use? 

Are you a freelancer / entrepreneur?

  • If so, you do want to build a solid reputation, right?
  • And you do want to attract more clients, isn’t that so?
  • And how about building an (online) network of infuencers, interesting people, ambassadors?…



Well, why do you have such a terrible LinkedIn profile ? Continue reading Improve your LinkedIn Summary and rock!

[VIDEO] LinkedIn headline do’s & don’ts

hi there!

How on earth is this possible? 

That’s what I asked myself during a lunch I had with a client…

He’s a great guy, HR Manager, impressive track record, a real value to lots of companies.

And he’s looking for a new job, but isn’t able to find one.

Reason? Well, one of the reasons might be his LinkedIn profile.
Sorry to say, but it not an example of best practice (euphemism :-))
And the worst aspect about his LinkedIn profile, is his headline.

Headline, you know, it’s what you find under your name.

Do you know what he had there?

Well I’m lying. He had added a dash, a dash like in – Continue reading [VIDEO] LinkedIn headline do’s & don’ts