The 10 commandments of Networking – part 2

… how to have fun and be effective at the same time while networking

networking personal branding
networking personal branding


Hi there!

In my last blogpost I talked about the fact that networking can be fun and should be effective. I mentioned the 10 commandments of Networking – follow these when preparing for and going to networking events, and you’ll do fine!

In our previous blogpost we coverd the first  this blogpost, I’ll cover the first 5 commandments. You can find the summary here:

  1. Thou shalt set reasonable expectations
  2. Thou shalt understand that quality matters, not quantity
  3. Thou shalt ask great questions
  4. Thou shalt get over fear of rejection
  5. Thou shalt talk to strangers

I bet you want to know all about the next 5 commandments… don’t wait any longer and continue reading:

  1. Thou shalt give give give

I have already mentioned this in previous blogposts. People buy from people they trust. It’s all about know-like-trust. Your client has to get to know you, than like you and ideally trust you. How? Sharing = caring. When you share valuable information, when you make introducing people a habit, when you’re there to give instead of getting… that’s the way you will build valuable (client) relationships. So again, you are not there for yourself, you are there for them. What’s in it for them, your (potential) clients.

  1. Thou shalt use business cards in an appropriate way

There is something I honestly dislike: people giving me their business card before they even talked to me. Don’t be that girl/guy. If you want are interested in continuing the relationship with the person you’ve just met, ask for their business card, don’t give yours first. 9 chances out of 10 they will ask for yours too, and if not… who cares, what’s most important is you have their contact information 🙂

  1. Thou shalt be yourself

Personal Branding is all about being authentic. And my favorite quote is one from Oscar Wilde “be yourself, everybody else is already taken”. So do not try to pretend, just be your shiny authentic self!

  1. Thou shalt use your elevator pitch

You should always have your elevator pitch ready. You can read in one of my previous blogposts how you can go about creating an elevator pitch. When you prepare for your networking event, prepare your elevator pitch. It will come in handy, I’m sure. Prepare it good enough so it comes out fluently. But don’t overdue it – it must not sound like a rehearsed lesson.

  1. Thou shalt follow-up

This is very, if not the most, important commandment. You have to follow up. When you meet interesting people, get connected with them via LinkedIn or Facebook within 48 hours. Send them some interesting material or mail later. Focus on building that relationship. Focus on the know-like-trust. I meet too many people who meet someone really interesting at a networking event and afterwards they do not do anything to get AND STAY in touch with that person. Huh! Why were you at that networking event for goodness sake? For the cheap cava and the peanuts?!?

Get a move on and follow-up! 🙂

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