5 networking attitudes

The art of terrible networking

Hi there

Last week I was at a networking event.

Big event with a lot of HR people.

I always love to get back in touch with old acquaintances

And getting to know new people.

I strongly believe that face2face networking works.

If you want to grow your business or career

Getting some help from your network is a huge plus.

So networking is fun and rewarding

For some.

If you do it the right way.

Lots of people are miserable networkers.

Not only because they are afraid

Or don’t know how to start the conversation


But also because some do it all wrong.

Last week I was introduced to somebody.

A pretty well-known trainer.

Gives sales and communication training.


You wouldn’t say.

He’s the kind of guy why people hate networking events.

He asked me about my job…

And after hearing the response, he said “interesting…”

His body language said:

“I am not interested in you, you are not part of my target audience”

Personally, I don’t mind (anymore).

So what he is not interested in me.

Won’t lose any sleep over it.

However; he did give me some content for a new blog post.

How about writing an article on networking skills.

Or rather… let’s call it networking attitudes

So thank you John (let’s call him John) for giving me inspiration …

by not not showing these attitudes 🙂

Herewith 5 attitudes you should have as a networker.

All starting with an A – how great is that ?! 🙂

5 networking attitudes

Be Authentic

Please, do not be fake – if someone does not interest you, have the balls to end the conversation in a diplomatic way.

Be Attentive

Be in the moment, listen to people. Don’t look over their shoulders to find someone more interesting. Show empathy.

Be an Aid

Always be ready to help someone solve ‘their problems’ by opening your network or by finding another solution, be a giving person – hey, you never know, this person might actually turn out to be a future client.

Be Assertive

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a total stranger. That is what networking is all about, anywy. And you know what, if you pick that lone wolf in the corner and start talking to him, you’ll save that person’s life and hey, maybe you’ll have a friend for life 🙂

Be Action oriented

People will forget about you if you do not follow up. That’s just the way it is. Can’t blame them.

And even if they have not forgotten about you, does not mean they are ready to do business with you. They still have to get to know you and trust you. That is why follow-up is so important.

So do it. And do it quickly (within 48h).

Good luck with your next network.

Now your turn.

What advice would you give to networkers?


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