step 5 personal branding: deliver your message and content

The marriage of Ms. Marketing & Mr. Branding

Or how to deliver your message and content

Remember the cupcake with the cherry ?
In my first blog post of the 5 step Blog series about Personal Branding I explained you that knowing who you are and what you have to offer to your target audience is the cake.
The cherry on top of it packaging it and telling it to your ideal client.
They lived happily ever after
Oh yes, Miss Marketing is in town! And has she some effect on Mister Branding? Yes she does!

“Wow! I’m lost!”, that’s what I hear you say. Don’t worry. The marketing boys and girls have a tendency to make things difficult once in a while (and by the way, for all you HR people grinning, you guys make it even more difficult :-))

But the truth is, it’s not that difficult.

  • Mister Branding: what you promise your clients
  • Miss Marketing: what you do to get your message or promise to the clients
OK, now that we know that, what marketing tools will we use? How will we get our message across?
There is one thing I want to add here. It’s not only getting your message across. It’s much more.
Remember, we want to be known as the authority in our field?
Well then we have to show them our expertise. That’s one thing.
Bill Gates got it right
Next, we want potential clients to know, like and trust us.
How do you do that?
Give information, not just basic information… give valuable information.
Make yourself irresistible to your clients.
Make them come back for more and more. Give content, valuable content.
Bill Gates popularized the phrase “content is king” during a speech in 1996. Although content was king long before then, it has never been more powerful than it is today.


Content is king, distribution is queen
But if content is king, then distribution is queen.

There we have the marriage again 🙂

Anyway, you need to get your message and content out there, more specifically to your target audience.

So you need to know the distribution channels and choose the ones that suit you best, I repeat, choose the ones that suit you best.

Huh! Wait!

It’s all very nice to choose the channels you like best, but be sure that’s where your target audience is.

Pfew, a lot of the people I meet are afraid of Personal Branding, because they don’t know where to start.

And when they have taken their first steps, a lot of them still panic because there are so many ways to deliver your message.

What should you choose?

Life begins where your comfort zone ends
I say, choose whatever is in your comfort zone first.
OK, maybe life begins where your comfort zone ends, but still, let’s be focused.
You cannot do everything at the same time, so why not choose the things you are good at first.
Keeping in mind that you choose effectively, ie where you can find your target audience.Some of my clients are good writers, they choose blogging, newsletters, E-zines.
Others prefer networking events.  There are also the social media queens and kings….

So my advice, focus on the fields you feel comfortable in (keeping in mind… yeah yeah)  and expand later.

It ain’t over until the fat lady sings
This is an ongoing game. So have your Personal Brand Strategy Plan ready and keep on tweaking it where necessary. Keep on delivering valuable content, stay relevant, set new goals, keep up with technology, nurture your network and never give up.


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Your turn

who’s your favorite Miss Marketing?



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