The perfect marriage between your book and your personal brand

Hi there!

Last Monday I organized my bi-monthly live workshop. This time the topic was about writing your book in order to boost your brand and business.

And as I’m not an expert on the book-subject, I invited guest speaker Laurence Verwee. She’s owner of and She is a publisher who helps entrepreneurs write their own book as the perfect tool to build a solid reputation and (personal) brand.

I guess you can say she is the ideal guest speaker 🙂

What I have learned is that Your Book and Your Personal Brand go hand in hand. It’s the perfect marriage so to speak.

I’ll give you an insight on the 5 steps you need to take when writing your book + 1 golden business boost tip I learned from Laurence.

1. Become aware of the real you
If you want to write a book you want to use to position yourself and your business, you need to be clear on what your mastery and purpose are. What is it that you will write about? What’s your message? Why do you want to write a book? What’s the bigger picture?

2. Reach out to your target audience
Who is your ideal reader? Who’s your ideal client? It’s an illusion to think you need to attract as much readers as possible. Be specific about it  you cannot write for everyone, your book won’t be appealing and won’t sell. The more focussed, the more clients will want to do business with you.

3 Answer your target audience’s needs
Once you have identified your ideal reader, imagine what possible problems he/she might have and what are the solutions you want to offer via your book. Don’t try to solve all the problems, that is just not possible. What problems will you focus on? What themes will you focus on? The rest is for your next book 🙂

4. Name and claim your brand
Once your book is written, you need to give it name (or a catchy title and a clear sub-title) and you have to start preparing your marketing message. It’s foolish to think that once the book is written and printed it will sell by itself. And trust me, Laurence taught us the publisher will not do all the work for you either. So what’s your pitch?

5. Deliver your message and content
Ok, we have a book, we have our pitch, how will we get it out there? How will we see to it that our ideal reader finds it? It’s time to start the marketing machine, it’s time to light the branding fire.

How? Well, think about press releases, press conference, social media, workshops, your website, etc etc….  make sure you reserve A LOT OF TIME to promote your book. Keep the momentum.

You only launch your book once. Do it with a big bang. Don’t be shy about it. Don’t hide behind “let’s not make too much fuzz about it”…. Get out there! Play an active role. Be in the driver’s seat.

Hè Hè – did you notice?
the smart ones among you have (= my fans = the same? :-))… 🙂

The 5 steps to write your book match perfectly with my BRAND system (the 5 steps to build your Personal Brand – download my FREE eBook and you’ll learn everything you need to know about my BRAND system and how to build your Personal Brand)

HA! Now didn’t I tell you your book & your personal brand are a match made in heaven? 🙂

Now I also promised you 1 golden tip:

“If you want to use your book as a means to boost your business, make sure you link your products and services to your book!” – Laurence Verwee TWEET THIS

What does that mean? Well, your book cannot cover everything… make sure your readers become eager to learn more about the subject and feel the need to work with you …. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW...

Think about it…..

So how about you – when will you write your book and what about?




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