The Personal Branding Interview

The Personal Branding Interview

Discover what you can do NOW to build your Personal Brand & why!


Hi there,

I hope you are fine!

Last week I had the pleasure to meeting some Personal Branding Specialists.

The competition if you want to call it like that. I don’t like the term “competition” because if you serve the same goal / mission, can you really be competitors? Food for thought…….

If you serve the same goal / mission, can you really be competitors?

Anyway, I attended some workshops they organized, because I can always learn, right? I was also curious to see how they see Personal Branding, what audience they attract etc…

I am happy I attended the workshops. I did learn a thing or two and I saw that these ladies were very different from each other and from me.

So even if you might think of us as competitors, I don’t feel that way. Certainly not after those seminars.

  • The way they look at Personal Branding is different from mine, not completely different but here & there.
  • The way they facilitated the workshops is different.
  • The way they help their clients through the Personal Branding process is different.
  • Their target audience is different….


And that is just OK. That is just fine. And there is no good or bad way. It is different. They are good at what they do (too! hahaha)

Different though, and that is why I will often attract other types of clients than they will. And that is just perfect!

I love my clients. I am so honored and proud they decided to work with me.

I am so grateful to be able to work with these dynamic, result driven, authentic entrepreneurs.

And this brings me to the topic of Personal Branding. What it is and why it is good for you. And how do you start.

Let’s cover the basics. How I see it 🙂 Let’s do this in an interview style.

“changement de décor” 🙂

Q: What is Personal Branding?

Greet: Personal Branding the process of building a solid reputation in an authentic way in order for you to be recognized as the go-to-person in your field.  The idea is that you communicate how you can help your “target audience” solve their problems. The ultimate goal is that they seek out for you and buy from you and/or become your ambassador.

Q: How does this process look like?

Greet: I have created a 5 step process called BRAND© and you can read all about it in this free eBook/Workbook “5 steps to build your Personal Brand.”

Q: OK, but imagine I’m a (starting) entrepreneur, where do I start?

Greet: Well, you start with the letter B in the BRAND© model 🙂 Become aware of the real YOU!

The first thing you need is real experience and a good knowledge of who you are and who you want to be. What is important to me? What are you good at? What “service” do I want to offer? What problems can I solve (in a unique way)? Without that no one will care what you have to say, at least not your potential clients…

All the answers create your identity.

Q: Great! But let’s assume I have a good view on what I am good at, that will not automatically get me clients will it?

Greet: Nope, it won’t. Your potential client needs to know what you have to offer. Which means you need to know who your potential client is…

You cannot do everything for everybody. If you want to be the go-to-person in your field, you need some kind of specialization. Work with specific clients, or deliver a specific service and ideally both.

Q: Mmm, can you give us an example?

Greet: Sure. Imagine we meet for the first time at a networking event and I ask you what you do. If you give me an answer like “I am a coach” that will give me not a very good view on what it is you exactly do and who your clients are.

And what’s even worse, it is a boring answer.

Better answer is: “I am Cindy and I am a weightloss coach and I help busy business women between 35 and 50 (specific client) lose 10 kilo in 10 weeks with my special C.I.N.D.Y method (specific service).

“ Do you see the difference?

Q: Nice Elevator Speech 🙂

Greet: Yes it is and that brings us to another step in the Personal Branding Process. Once you know what you want to offer to whom you can craft your Marketing Message (or Elevator Speech). This is the message you want to bring across.

This is your Brand Statement and will help you stand out from the competition (oops, competition, does that even exist ?! :-))

Q: OK but there is so much noise online and offline, how do you really stand out?

Greet: in my opinion, it’s all about building solid, truthful relationships. The only way you can really stand out and relate with your audience, is by building “rapport”, by building connections. It’s important to be visible if you want to get noticed. However, if you want “byers”, then just being visible won’t do it.

Q: What will?

Greet: I have found that when I am sharing my message and content, whether it be in writing, face2face, on video… you need to be 100% honest and truthful. Authentic. Don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t try to hide your fears and failures behind success stories. Just be you. That way you will attract the clients that are right for you.

Don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t try to hide your fears and failures behind success stories. Just be you.

Q: the law of attraction…

Greet: indeed. Mind you. Sharing your message and content means sharing relevant content to your audience, giving, helping.

You have to build that relationship and reputation, it takes time. You cannot expect people to follow you and buy from you from day 1.

Take your connections to a deeper level.

Q: It’s all about building a network.

Greet: yes it is. A qualitative network. And building a network takes time and effort. It’s netWORK. And there is more…

Q: OK, concretely, if I want to start tomorrow, what should I do?

Greet: first, you download your free eBook “5 steps to build your Personal Brand”, it’s a workbook and it will help you craft your brand statement and identify how you will bring your message across. In a pragmatic way.

There is more in life than Personal Branding 🙂

Second, you contact me for a free Personal Branding Scan. And we’ll discover together how you can build your Personal Brand easily.

Q: Great. Let’s do it!  


share if you like. thanks!



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