The secret & benefits of Apéro LinkedIn

Hi there!

Shall we meet at Apéro LinkedIn?

Now I hear you think… Apéro LinkedIn? What’s that all about?

Another networking event?

Or maybe a LinkedIn training for starters?


By the way…

To be honest…

I do want you to have a look at our online LinkedIn training.

And it’s not for starters only.

It’s for those who want to build their online Personal Brand.

And grow their network.

Via LinkedIn.

Check this out! 

Contact us if you are interested to subscribe

But back to Apéro LinkedIn

Discover in this video the concept that my client Anna invented.

And how Apéro LinkedIn can change your professional life in a positive way. évidemment! 🙂

Certainly if you are sick and tired of going to all these networking events.

So there you go, discover the secret of Apéro LinkedIn and how you will benefit from it in the video below! 



Your Video: Discover the secret of Apéro LinkedIn


Your turn, what LinkedIn secrets are you willing to share with us?

PS: if you like – please do share! THANKS!

2 thoughts on “The secret & benefits of Apéro LinkedIn”

  1. Hi Greet and Anna,
    I love the idea of this Apéro Linkedin… A great implementation of digital networking….
    To build on it: Why don’t we do it at about the same time each week. All together… Then we can do a chat via Linkedin, or Skype or whatever… I won’t have time for this in August, but September looks like a great month to start with this…
    So when is your first apéro in September? 🙂

    1. aha, good initiative Bart! Actually I’m more into the LinkedIn Breakfast – might that work for you? 🙂

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