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How to become successful by being helpful and grateful…



Hi there

This is a photo of the flowers I received from my friend Valérie Maes. She was grateful that I referred several potential clients to her. (She is the WordPress and Mailchimp superwoman! :-))
And I am so grateful for receiving this unexpected beautiful gift. Even though my dog is allergic to them, poor girl 😉 

And this brings me to the subject of this blog post.

I am convinced that you will be more successful in life if you are a giving and grateful person.

Don’t worry I haven’t changed into a flower power love and peace girl all of a sudden, I am still a result oriented business woman. However, a result oriented business woman who appreciates the small things in life, who appreciates the support she receives from the people she loves, who appreciates the enthusiastic compliments and lovely smiles on her clients’ faces when we realize a breakthrough in their businesses, who appreciates surprises and thank-you notes…

I already wrote many blog posts on why giving is so important in Personal Branding. One of them is the one with the title: “stop thinking Personal Brandings is about you!” – it’s about them, your ‘client’, how can you help him or her achieve his or her goals in life. A giving and helping attitude helps obviously.

This being said, I’m not the only one who believes that being a giving and grateful person will help you become more successful in professional and private life. For example there’s this great book Give and Take by Adam Grant where he learns us that the most successful people in life are the givers. Not the takers, nor the matchers. Which one are you?

My mission is to help as many freelancers as possible build their Personal Brand in order to get noticed, attract more clients, build successful businesses and enjoy (financial) freedom. I will not achieve this by keeping all knowledge to myself and by only helping these freelancers when they pay for it.

That is why I am writing these blog posts with helpful tips and tricks, why I’m having free Personal Branding Scans, why I open my network to others…

And hey, I’m not a saint, I want to make a decent living. How can I help people if I’m broke? I sure don’t have a negative money mindset – cfr previous blog post. But I truly work on my giving and helpful attitude every day, and I think it’s working 🙂

How can you sharpen your giving and helping attitude and become more successful?

Here are 10 thoughts and ideas, I call it the wonderful success checklist. And beware, this is helpful in professional ánd private life.

  1. Share your knowledge
  2. Add value
  3. Give introductions
  4. Surprise them
  5. Recognize them
  6. Thank them
  7. Show kindness to at least 1 person a day
  8. Make happiness of others and yourself a major focus throughout your day
  9. Stay connected with friends and family
  10. Stay connected with your clients’ needs
  11. Bonus: Laugh a lot and take care of yourself !

So how’s this for a good-resolutions-list ?! Ready to become extremely successful in 2015?

Start by printing these 11 to do’s and continue by contacting me for a FREE Personal Branding Scan – who knows where that will lead us 🙂 …

love to hear your thoughts, questions, worries, ideas… contact me +32.478.39.02.69 or leave a reply below

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