worst customer experience

The worst client experience

Hi there

Boy, I was pretty angry last week.

It still surprises me how many entrepreneurs and sales people are not at all client oriented.

Lots of them still give me the impression that they are king and the client is the clown.

Many of them give me the feeling I (the client) am lucky and should be grateful that they allow me to buy their services/products.


What happened?

I organize events and seminars on a regular basis.

Quality, atmosphere and energy are important for me.

So I’m always looking for the right venue.

Once found, you need to have a discussion with the owner about pricing etc.


And that’s where it often goes wrong.

Why is it so difficult for some to make a decent offer?

With decent I mean: clear, simple, no sudden changes, no surprises.

It seems an impossible job.

Why is that?


And once you start asking questions about the offer, especially about the sudden changes (read: surcharges)…

Why do some feel the need to blame you, the client?

Why is it so difficult for some to take responsibility?

Why is it no-go to say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”


Last week I’ve heard things like:

  • “If there was no attachment, you should’ve asked for it.” (Read: and don’t you think I’ll apologize for my mistake)
  • “We recently added that surcharge, It’s in the new attachment. You have an old one.” (Read: live with it and pay)
  • “We forgot to mention that you should pay for the cutlery, and garbage, and our golden waiters” (they are extremely expensive, that’s why they must be made of gold)
  • “We are all into building a real connection with the client.” (by blaming her and her assistant? Interesting)
  • “If you are not happy whit our offer, you can always cancel.” (but you’ll have to pay anyway because the free cancellation deadline has been passed.)


I can go on and on with examples like this.

Can you blame me for being a little upset?!

Maybe I’ll write a book about it one day.


In the meanwhile, 5 tips to make the client happy:

  1. Keep it simple.

Don’t overload the client with complex offers, a zillion options and sudden surprises/surcharges.

  1. Made a mistake? Take full responsibility.

Say sorry. Fix the problem. And never ever blame the client for your mistakes.

  1. Dare to say no.

If you cannot deliver what the client is asking, tell him. Be honest.

  1. If you cannot help the client directly, help him in another way.

Suggest another solution. Get him in touch with somebody else in your network….

  1. Don’t always give the client what he asks.

Being client-oriented is advising the client. Sometimes this means you need to suggest something different from what the client asks.

  1. BONUS: Under-promise, Over-deliver

I promised you 5 tips and you get 6 of them 🙂


Your turn: Share your 7th tip. Thanks!



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