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To blog or not to blog…

Hi there!


I had a call from a former colleague of mine, Karen.

She is a HR Interim Manager and she heard me saying how blogging enabled me to rebrand myself, get more clients, build a solid reputation, and….. Ă©videmment…. build my Personal Brand

Blogging is GREAT!

I also turned people off along the way. Oops

Too bad.

Some say yes

Some say no

So what?!



That’s life.

And I have to deal with it.

Back to Karen – she was wondering whether she should start to blog.

Well, that is a good question.

Because even though I’m a big fan of blogging…

… you might just not be the right person to start to blog.

Find out in this video whether blogging could be good for you and your business?

And what to do to connect with your target audience without blogging.

And if you do decide to start to blog, discover here what your first big step is! 

Well, I’ll reveal that right now.

Together with my good friend Ilse Van Eetvelde, we created a brand new website full of tips and articles on blogging.

Here it is: 

Keep on returning to that website, because we’ll be adding great stuff regularly.

The site is not at all a static finished one.

Much more to come!

And in the meanwhile, enjoy the video “To Blog or Not To Blog”



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