To Freelance or Not To Freelance – Part 1

Are you ready to go FREELANCE?


Ask yourself these questions…


Hi there!

I read an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review “7 questions to ask yourself before going freelance” from Sara Horowitz, head of the Freelancers Union.

I meet a lot of people in doubt “should I become a freelancer or not? What are the risks? What are the benefits?” I always ask them several questions in line with the article.

We’ll cover 9 questions in this and the next blog posts. And together with these, I have several assignments for you! So let’s get started.

1.   Do you have a marketable skill?

The funny thing is I still meet a lot of people who decide to become freelancer, but they don’t know yet what they will offer. “How bizarre is that?” is what I used to say.

Anyway, there are some rare cases where people were able to build a successful business working in the (for me) opposite way. So it’s probably me not being open minded or something 🙂

But what’s most important is to know whether your potential client is interested in what you have to offer and want to pay for it – so doing a little marketing study is imperative.

My example: when I started I was convinced I was about to help coaches & interim managers who struggle getting noticed and attracting clients and thus earning a decent living.

And I do. But turns out most of my clients ARE already successful and have lucrative clients, however they want to move to the next level with their business. And I REALLY enjoy working with this group of people.


  1. what is your mastery? (learn about it in my FREE ebook, it’s the 1st step of my BRAND system)
  2. do a market research – will people pay for what you have to offer?


  1. Do you have a robust network?

A robust network might mean different things – it might be your ‘list’ (eg people who subscribed to your newsletter), it might be all the people you really know, or it might be your ‘fanclub’ (the people who really know, like & trust you so they gladly pay for your services and/or become your ambassadors)

It is important that you always have an eye for your network. And if you don’t have one already, build one. There’s social media, there’s networking events, think about all the people you’ve worked with etc…

And start helping them out ! Start giving! That’s an important attitude. That’s what the 1st principle of influence is about in Roberto Cialidini’s book “Influence” (a must-read).

The 1st principle is called Reciprocation and recognizes that people feel indebted to those who do something for them or give them a gift.


  1. Make a mindmap of your network.
  2. Figure out what you can do each day to help someone in your network.


  1. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

I meet a lot of freelancers who give me answers like these when I ask them what their USP is:

  • I have 20 years of experience
  • I am pragmatic and a fast thinker
  • I give an outstanding service
  • I am able to think with my client, because I was in his shoes
  • Blablabla…


That’s not good enough. You need a REAL USP.
Your USP will accomplish 3 things for you:

UNIQUE– it sets you apart from your competition
SELLING – it persuades others to buy your services or products
PROPOSITION – it is a proposal or offer suggested for acceptance.

In other words, how is your service (or you) different from that of your competition? Why are you unique? Why should your target audience buy from you?

But how do you go about it? Read it in this blogpost!


  1. Read that blogpost of mine.
  2. Follow the 5 steps I explain in the blog post

OK – I think this gives you some things to think about and assignments to do. How does that feel? Are you thrilled to get started? Do you feel comfortable? Tell me…

love to hear your thoughts, questions, worries, ideas… contact me +32.478.39.02.69 or leave a reply below

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