To Freelance or Not To Freelance – Part 3

Are you ready to go FREELANCE?

Ask yourself these questions… (PART 3) & do the TEST!


Hi there!

Two weeks ago I started this serie of 3 blog posts regarding the questions you need to ask yourself before you jump into the Freelance adventure.

Here’s part 3: Again with several assignments and a TEST for you! So let’s get moving.

7. Freelancing can be lonely – how will you deal with it?
I’m a people person – I love to be around people, get to know them, discover what their purpose is, why they started their business, what’s making them smile every morning, what’s troubling them… I also love to discuss new ideas with other people, learn from them etc…. You can imagine that it is a tough one for me to be working all by myself.

And even though I do meet a lot of people, have regular meetings and workshops with my clients etc… it’s still me who is responsible for my businesses, it’s me who has to make the decisions, it’s me who needs to hold myself accountable etc….Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job.

Here are some tips on how I deal with it:

  • I hired me a business coach, she’s my sounding board, she keeps me from making silly mistakes, she keeps me acccountable, she sees to it I move forward with my business faster…
  • I recently set up a Mastermind group: a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and we discuss bi-weekly our successes, our doubts & fears and we help each other move forward
  • I take time off to spend with family & friends & hobbies… there is another life next to business life you know 🙂


  1. who could be your  sounding board or your business coach? How about me? 🙂
  2. who could be part of your Mastermind group?

8. Do you have the right attitude, do you have what it takes?
Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur/freelancer? Are you ready to self-manage your “career” & YOU-business?

My Client, Lesley Vanleke, has developed a test together with the University of Antwerp that measures your readiness to self-manage your career + what you could possibly do about it to get better at it. The results of the test are made visual and tangible via the image of a person. A person with a head, arms, legs and a body.

These four parts represent your career attitudes.

  • BODY The body represents your sense of purpose in terms of your career. In other words, do you have affinity with personal career priorities and are you inclined to follow your own beliefs and/or gut-feeling when dealing with professional dilemma’s?
  • ARMS The arms represent your preference to personally take charge of your career and to grasp opportunities rather than to conform and wait for opportunities to be offered.
  • HEAD The head indicates your preference for mental openness towards new situations and for moving on towards new contexts which require one to adapt and acquire new knowledge.
  • LEGS The legs indicate your inclination to progress the personal career path and the readiness to take a leap or change the current context when it no longer suits your own career values.


So how about you? Are you ready?


  1. Do the test – it’s FREE! Beware:  only 40 FREE tests available

9. How will you celebrate when you reach your goals?
A lot of freelancers & entrepreneurs I meet are perfectionists. They are almost never plesed with their work because it can always be better..

And it’s that character trait that keeps a lot of people from starting a freelance career.

But think about this:

  • “Perfect” does not exist and if it were to exist it would be boring!
  • If you are a perfectionist – grow up! 😉
  • When you set your goal, use the Pareto rule – 80% is in most cases good enough
  • When you reache your goal, celebrate! How? it’s up to you. One of my clients Marijke told me once: “I’ll celebrate with some ME-time to read a good book” Well that’s just fine. Do you want to celebrate with champagne, with a handbag, with a weekend at a beach – doesn’t matter. But do celebrate!! Here’s a blog post I’ve written about this subject. Read it.


  1. How will you celebrate your successes?
  2. When will you celebrate your successes?


OK – I think this gives you some things to think about and assignments to do. How does that feel? Are you thrilled to get started? Do you feel comfortable? Tell me…

love to hear your thoughts, questions, worries, ideas… contact me +32.478.39.02.69 or leave a reply below

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