FREE online training: 10 mistakes I made starting my new business

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Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Or why do you want to become an entrepreneur?

  • You wanted to be your own boss?
  • You wanted more free time?
  • You wanted more time for the fun things in life?
  • You wanted to earn more money?
  • You wanted more autonomy?
  • You were sick and tired of the boring meetings?
  • You wanted to show the world you didn’t need somebody telling you what to do, somebody less clever, less passionate than you
  • You wanted your dream to come true?
  • You wanted to show you were not afraid to jump?…

And? Is that working out well? 

Did you find that freedom? Do you have more time for the beautiful things and moments in life? Do you earn good money? Do you have the most fantastic clients? Is your business the way you dreamt it to be or even better?

Or are you just starting and eager to get that business of yours up and running? Ready to avoid all the mistakes entrepreneurs make?

I made some mistakes… 


And if you are interested to learn from them in order to avoid them, well then this training is just for you!

So join me on this free online training during which you’ll learn:
* What are the reasons to become an entrepreneur?
* Do you have what it takes?
* What are the mistakes I made
* How can you avoid the typical mistakes entrepreneurs make starting or running their business
* What’s your next step?
* And much more…

Whether you are a starting entrepreneur or you already have a (successful) business, you won’t want to miss this FREE online training.

Questions, remarks, worries, need help? Please contact me by sending me a mail or calling me (+32.478.39.02.69) – I’d love to hear from you and help you wherever I can. No strings attached!

Hosted by Greet Bunnens

Greet BunnensAbout 1.5 years ago I decided to start a new business. My mission: “enthuse and inspire entrepreneurs to grow and never be small again”…

How? I want to guide you in your path to more visibility in an authentic way, while staying true yourself.  More concrete: Personal Branding & Business mentoring.


I know how scary and stressful it is to become visible to your potential clients and to look for new assignments.

And I know how it is to be stressed out creating a new company. I was really scared to get out there and become visible, to position myself and claim my place in the entrepreneurs world.

I was really afraid people would turn me down, or would think I suddenly became a bragger and a show-off. All my life I was told I shouldn’t make too much noise, work hard, be nice and that would be the key to success.

But that is just not good enough. You have to be visible to your potential client, how else will they be able to know, like, trust and more importantly buy from you? Right?

You just have to position yourself in a meaningful way! But not by becoming a fake, or a bragger.

Me, I wanted to build an integer honest personal brand while being true and authentic to myself.

And I want to teach others too. Thanks to my experience and skills in marketing, networking, business development and social media I am able to help you build your Personal Brand and become the authority in your field.



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*** To your success! ***


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