[INFOGRAPHIC] Social media strategy in 7 steps

Hi there

Last week I was invited to speak for an audience of entrepreneurs about…

Social media.

First question I asked: ‘who is professionally active on social media?’

2 important words: ACTIVE and PROFESSIONALLY.

The room went pretty quiet.

A recent study about Belgian online shoppers shows us that 63% of them buy abroad.

Why is that? Different reasons. Price, ease, availability of products…

But this stat shows us that

there are a lot of opportunities for Belgian entrepreneurs willing to go online.

Not only Belgians of course.

So why not you?

How do you take your business online?

There are different steps like:

·        Design and build an easy-to-use website.

·        Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.

·        Establish an expert position (Personal Branding).

·        Use social media…


In this article I wanted to focus on the social media aspect of an online business.

So, I have created an infographic Social Media Strategy in 7 steps.

>>> You can download it here for FREE. Share if you like. Tx <<<
thumbnail of social media strategy infographic


Your turn: what’s your social media secret?